Easily convert PDF with tables to Excel

If you ever wanted to convert tables in your PDF document to Excel format, it’s simpler now. PDF to Excel converter lets you do this. It converts all the table’s row and columns into excel fields, that you can add formulas and work with that data. The fields maybe a little way off,  a 2 columns […]

Can you unlock Linkedin and find people’s email and other information? Well a tool named Sell Hack just lets you do that!

SellHack.com. the domain, just registered today (01/04/2014) is on viral and with a surprise, That is, Linkedin responded today within few hours of the tool going live, with a plan to send cease and desist letter. Linkedin is so quick to take action, but SellHack.com’s homepage looks professional like the startup page if you will, […]

MuteTab for chrome stops all opened tab’s and background audio

You open Chrome to find that it didn’t shutdown well and reopens all the tab, sounds like a good feature. But what if all those tab’s videos and other flash objects starts playing audio? You may open each tab that’s playing an audio, thanks to the audio playing indicator on the tab, and pause it […]

Compare two texts, proofread and find minor unnoticeable errors

Ever tried proofreading for hours to see little errors slip by? Even for the trained human eyes, it’s common to make mistakes. and it’s nothing to sweat about. We all do once in a while. This is where a machine text comparison comes in handy. Text compare is one such web program, that compares two […]

Easily Manage your files on Windows with Q-Dir

Q-Dir or Quad directory (Explorer) is a program to manage your files on the quad (4  different) panes. Each pane is a folder view. You can set the folder view of each panes and it will be displayed with that view, For thumbnails you can set it like in the image above, bottom right.  Choosing […]

Mute the ringer on your Android phone temporarily and restore it back

Whenever you are busy to pick up the phone but don’t want it to ring, well there’s an app for that. Shush! for Android just does that. You turn off ringer for some duration, and all calls that rings in that period will be silenced. Because it turns the volume down just for the ringer. […]

Enhance your command experience with Console

Using command prompt got a little bit comfortable with Console, It is not a Windows command enhancer addon or something like that, it is a program on its own. You can use it just like your Windows command. Multiple tabs, setting start destination on its UI, copying and pasting using keyboard shortcuts, selecting texts with […]

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Convert video files to mp3 with Audacity

Downloading videos from video sites, (skip to conversion to start converting) There are quite a few websites to download Youtube videos to your hard disk, Keepvid.com is one such website I use. Video download helper for Chrome does a good job of downloading videos from Vimeo, etc …but not Youtube. Video Download helper (same name […]

Copy mail and add notes in Gmail

We all are familiar with sending an email to ourselves to keep important things on top of the inbox. Say you are attending a webinar or web conference from outside US, since the webinar happens at the US time, it helps to know the exact time in your local time. You can get that information […]

Remember long numbers with words

Remembering long numbers can be a daunting job. Even if you can, there’s a good chance you will mix up. Try PI value. Most of us can remember only few digits after the decimal, I can only recall up to 3.141. That doesn’t matter to us at all, when we need to remember the new credit card […]

Convert document formats for IOS

There are a lot of apps available that converts between various document formats on the web and for Android. One such web app I have talked about earlier is Cometdocs. You can visit Cometdocs website and get the app for Windows (desktop) and Android or try their web app. Cometdocs recently introduced an IOS app […]

How to cover Youtube videos with mask images you can make

If you ever wanted to only show a portion of Youtube videos like an horizontal banner, the way to do is to hide the remaining portions to only show the part you want. That video part visible is what you want the video to look like. For the horizontal banner like view, you would have […]