5 Tips To Get Stunning Photos On Your Android Device

In this article we’ll be giving you some tips on how you can get awesome photos out of your Android device. You don’t need any photography training whatsoever, just an Android-running smartphone, and a few apps that will cost you almost nothing, if nothing at all, as most of them come free. You need a good eye for photography, but nothing of the professional level, not being totally awful at it will do just fine.

Lens Reflection

You can try taking a shot of your sunglasses or any other reflective surface, so you can capture the image in the reflection. This gives the photo a really cool effect. You can use anything that can help you get a reflection, not only sunglasses. One tip you should keep in mind while taking shots like these, is that it’s a good idea to capture the source light in the reflection, so the scene or space you want to photograph through the reflection will be properly lighted.

Nice Panorama Shot Trick

You are probably familiar by now with the concept behind the Panorama shot available for quite a few smartphones running Android, and also available for download in the Google Play Store as a standalone app. If you’re not, you will in just a moment. Panorama shot let’s you take a really long picture horizontally so you can capture the entire landscape, resulting in a really nice effect. You can take it even further, and take a Panorama shot where your subject appears in multiple instances of the same panorama. All you need to do is take a shot during Panorama, then hold the camera steady and move your subject. Either move it by yourself if it’s an object, or have them move if we’re talking about people. Once they’ve acquired a new position, continue with the panoramic shot. This will add up to a cool photo effect.

Mess Around With The Color

You can use a downloadable app from the Play Store such as Colorify Augmented Reality to change the color of a desired object within a photo. This app can be used to make all the elements in a photo bear the same color for example. You can install it and see for yourself. After you play around with it for a little bit, you will probably want to change colors all the time.

Photos Underwater

This is a nice touch you can use for your photos. How you will be taking these underwater photos depends on what type of phone you have, and if it is waterproof at all. If your phone isn’t design to resist underwater, you can use something like a  large glass. Put the phone in and submerge a portion of the glass in the water. This will let you take a semi-underwater shot that will capture a split image of the scene above and below the water. There are also waterproof cases available for purchase if you have a very large device such as the Galaxy Note 3, and you can’t use a glass.

Tiny Planet Effect

The tiny planet effect is something you can achieve by using an app that provides the feature, and it consists of making your photo  concentrate so that it acquires the aspect of a tiny globe, with all the other elements around it. This cool feature can be obtained through apps like Globe Photo and Tiny Planet FX Pro. While the first one is free, the later will require just a little bit of spending, but if you’re into photography, it’s definitely worth it.

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