64-bit Google Chrome Available For Window 7 And Windows 8, Mac Version In Beta

The 64-bit Google Chrome was first introduced around last June. During that time, the Dev and Canary channels were the only one through which the 64-bit Chrome was available. The beta channel followed soon after, in July. It now seems like Google finally offering the 64-bit version through a stable channel.

Some of the improvements user can look forward to, according to Google themselves, include improvements in the graphic section. Also, the speed  will benefit from the improvement set as well. Media benchmarks take spike in their performance as well. Further information was made available via the Chromium blog, where users could read that there was a 15% performance increase registered for the VP9 codec. The VP9 codec is the codec responsible for decoding high resolution videos on YouTube, and it seems it highly benefits from the 64-bit version. Comparing stability between 64-bit and 32-bit versions by using stability measurements provided from user through the Canary, Beta and Dev channels offer Google insight on how the 64-bit versions can be almost twice as stable.

Another section positively affected is the security section. The blog also touched this subject, specifying that depth security has also improved, and mitigations like Partition Alloc can better stand up against vulnerabilities.

After the Windows version of the 64-bit Chrome was credited as being stable, Google went on with the 64-bit version for Mac, which is still in its beta form. The version provides improvements in speed. Also, the usage of memory will benefit as well. The standard common Chrome release available for most users won’t get you closer to new versions at first, as they are initially made available through beta channels. The 64-bit version of Chrome is no exception. The version that users first get is the one that is stable and will represent no problem for general consumers. The overall performance of the system will the one mostly benefiting from the upgrade, as average consumers might not be able to identify  the speed boosts that come with the new version.  The system will, however, offer a smoother functionality.

On the OSX platform, the system need to allocate extra memory for running the app that still use 32-bit versions such as Chrome, as the majority of app found on OSX already run on a 64-bit version. Running all apps on the same version will smoother things up and make life easier for the overall system.


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