Adblock plus filters for a cleaner Facebook home page


Facebook home page changes a lot. It has changed quite drastically over the last year. The recent change is the shift of chat bar at the bottom right of the page to entirely right side of the screen. You can indeed hide that as well with a button that toggles between 2 views of the chat. But when clicked on the chat bar on the bottom right it opens back the chat bar on the right.

Most people are ok with this change, but some aren’t. Likewise another annoying feature is displaying a games bar below the status update box. Again most are ok with it, some aren’t. This article talks about how to hide the chat bar on the right, games bar and the ads. Ads are great don’t get me wrong, but when you aren’t looking for anything these clutters the screen. As always you can turn off these hiding filters when you want and they all will look normal.

The tool we are going to use to hide is Adblock plus. You can get it for Firefox here, chrome here and opera from here.

Hiding the Chat box on the right.

Click on the Adblock plus icon where ever on your browser, bottom left or top right. Choose Filter preference. Then Add Filter. Now add this filter,

This will hide the chat box on the right. You can still see the friends available for chat on the left bottom of the screen. I know you can hide the chat box, but I am speaking to those that don’t want to see the messenger style list of friends available to chat.

Hiding the Games section below the status update box

If you are a gamer, you would love this, but if you are reading this article, chances are you’d like to hide it. And you know searching and finding a game is easy with a search.

So, this is the filter that you need to add to hide the “games that you may like it” section,

Hiding the Ego section

Ego section is where all kinds of friends or pages are recommended. People you may know or pages you might like. This is the section where sponsored ads appears below the recommendation box. For me I don’t want to know what Facebook’s algorithm thinks of people that I might have met but not added as a friend, or pages similar to the one I have liked already.

If we want to have someone has a friend, we would have added them already or search for them. Waiting for our eye balls to watch the recommended section when we are updating our status or commenting, is a distraction. So with the Ads that are uninteresting. I would turn on the ads if I am posting about a product or event and see what ads would come up. Rest of the time, its better to avoid distractions.

So, here’s the filter for Adblock plus to hide the Ego section altogether,

That’s it for some Facebook home page cleaning for now, you can play with Adblock plus to hide what all you don’t want to see. If you are on twitter and want to hide people without unfollowing, you can do it with Adblock plus as well, I have written about it earlier here.

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