Adobe Flash APK for Android 4.3

As you probably already know it, Adobe Flash has been discontinued long ago. There have been APK’s of Flash floating around the internet since then. Sounds good and happy right? But the game changes! Oh. Yes with the Android 4.3 version, the existing APK didn’t work and has to be modified to get it working on Android 4.3.

So who would you turn to? Yes, XDA-Developers without a doubt, and today a member there contributed the modified APK that works on Android 4.3.

You can get it here,

Or if you prefer QR code, here’s one below,

android 4.3 apk qrcode

Scan that QR code, and viola! you have the Adobe Flash for Android 4.3.

Even though Flash app for Android has been discontinued, people still need them.

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