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While there are several good options for file converters out there, the best converters aren’t actually all in one converters at all, but instead specialize in specific formats.

If you’re looking for a great all around converter for media files, one of the best ones in my view is XVID.

It’s a comprehensive file converter and video codec that let’s you easily assemble your videos and display them on any device.

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Best All in One File Converter


While Zamzar does a easy file conversion for selected file types, this website does conversion for all the known file types. You can even convert your png or jpeg images to Webp images with this tool. All the conversion aside, it generates hash keys for your files as well. The converter includes Audio, Video, Images, Documents, Ebooks and Archives.

The conversion works by first selecting the format you want to convert to and then uploading it or copying the link on the web, and the file is then converted and prompts you to download or links to it temporarily.

Audio files conversion has flac, mp3, aac, aiff, m4a, ogg, opus, wav and wma. The loseless flac can be converted to all these formats, particularly mp3, but the reverse would just be the same. .The lossey file format opus is included as well. Which I never heard of before.

Moving on to video, this has 3gp, mp4, flv, wmv, avi, mov, ogg, etc… What additional is the videos for android, iphone, ipod, blackberry, nintendo, xbox 360, wii and more.

Taking a look at image, which all the image editors does now a days, a converter is really needed? But then seeing the WebP image I am convinced, at least while the image processing software takes its time to adopt this format, to convert to webp, this tool is useful in the mean while. Let’s take a png file and convert it to webp now,

I am going to use this png file found on the internet,


This png image is of the dimension (resolution) 1280×1899 and 1.03 Mb in size, let me convert it to the WebP file format using this tool.

The conversion process is fairly simple, as soon as the image it browsed and uploaded, the converted image is prompted for download. And the WebP file size is just 200 Kb,

WordPress is yet to recognize this file format, so I am going to manually upload it,


The file type is unrecognizable and since WebP project has just began to surface, the curious ones will have to wait till all browser supports it.

Moving on,

The document conversion has support for all the known file types, it is better to use for document conversion.

The ebook conversion has the epub, mobi, pdf, azw, and others such as lit, tcr, adb, and fb2. You cant convert the DRM protected ones though.

And the archives, you can convert from tarball to 7 zip and a lot other options.

And it ends the la carte list with Hash generator, which supports for numerous hash key generators.

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