ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Even Smartphones Do It Now

If you’ve went online at least once in the last couple of days, you’ve probably heard of the viral Ice Bucket Challenge that goes on for charity. As loads of celebrities have already completed the challenge, why shouldn’t the stars of the smartphone game give it a shot ? Samsung took advantage of the whole Ice Bucket craze, and doused ice cold water on to its flagship device, the Galaxy S5. Afterwards, Samsung also challenged its smartphone market rivals, Apple and HTC, to do the same with their current flagship devices, namely the iPhone 5S and the HTC One M8. Nokia was also challenged by Samsung in the same instance, as the Korean manufacturer dared Nokia to do the same with its Nokia Lumia 930 device.

The challenge was completed during a 15 second ad in which the Galaxy S5 “speaks” for itself, through the implemented voice assistant, S-Voice. It presents itself as the Samsung Galaxy S5, before it gets doused in ice cold water, adding a “gosh, that’s freezing” after it was over. Before the ad ended, the Galaxy S5 challenged rival high end devices iPhone 5s from Apple, Lumia 930 from Nokia and One M8 from HTC.

This was a great way for Samsung to do something positive and totally unexpected, as even the ones behind the ad said. The advantage here is that Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is waterproof, while the other high-end devices it nominated to also complete the challenge are not. Samsung also announced that it will contribute to charity, but it didn’t specify how much.

The waterproof perk of owning a Galaxy S5 is one of the top weapons for promoting the device against Apple’s iPhone. Although there are rumors that the new, upcoming iPhone will also be waterproof, only one brand has a waterproof flagship in the present.

In case you missed it, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is something that went viral and it aims to raise money for the Lou Gehrig’s Disease, also called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

The challenge itself involves a person getting a bucket filled with ice and cold water poured on his/her head, thus receiving the right to challenge other people themselves to do the same. The ones nominated have 24 hours to also complete the challenge, or forfeit the challenge by making a donation.

The viral challenged already managed to raise over $40 million, as celebrities doing it choose to both complete the challenge AND donate.

The heads of Microsoft, HTC and Apple have already completed the challenge, although it is pretty unlikely that their flagship devices, which were nominated, will also participate in the stunt.

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