An auto summarization tool – Free Summarizer does a decent job of summarizing.

free summarizer

Automatic summarization is a topic that has research going on for over a long time now. The auto summarization program has two primary methods of summarizing. Extraction and abstraction. The former is a technique that extracts portions of texts which it sees as important and summarizes while maintaining the original sentence order. While the later one, changes the original with its artificial intelligence to produce a more concise summary.

Abstraction is the field where all the research is being carried out. Extraction is where more focus are devoted to, as it is the simple, doable one compared to abstract that involves natural language generation. There are other methods of summarizing, kind of secondary ones, those are maximum entropy and aided. But a method that is available to use as programs on the internet is Extraction.

The tool I am going to talk about is Free Summarizer, is based on the extraction method. It is the trending tool, and is better than the UNIS program which is only available in the Russian language. There is an another tool OTS, open text summarizer, which is not opening, says missing dll. There is also auto-summarizer built into Microsoft Word, but Free summarizer (FS) does the exact same and is an online tool that is free to use.

Word’s tool highlights summaries on the original text, while FS just summarizes. One thing I liked more about FS is, it doesn’t ask for percentage to shrink the text down. It instead asks for a sentence count, which does the job more efficient than working towards a percentage.

Automatic summarizing is growing well and it’s the time now, you try out the tools available online to see for yourself if its of any use.

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