Android Apps that almost every phone has


App that gets over 100,000,000 that’s 100 million installsĀ and as much as 500 million installs in last 30 days, which means almost every android phone users got them. As you can see in the graph chart below, total android activations, that is the total android users world wide, is about 500 – 700 million users at the moment.

These apps are super popular ones that have almost all of the android users using them. There are 14 apps right now hitting this huge mark of user base. Google play app is a no brainer as it comes with all android phone pre-installed, but what about WhatsApp that achieved this popularity in 3 years?!

Let’s take a look (in no particular order),

1. Google play

No need to link this out, we knew it automatically when it changed the name to Google Play with the new install without doing anything other than letting it update.

2. Facebook

Facebook has a large Android user base now, it’s no wonder the CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants their developers using Android phone instead of iPhone to get familiar with the it in order to develop a great App for Android.

3. Twitter

With Tweetdeck having 100 times less users than the official Twitter app, the app has a great interface for the phones and should be great just as the web version.

4. Gmail

What’s better than having a notification as a new mail arrives? With it’s good tune, checking a new mail instantly is a happy feeling.

5. Google Maps

This must be so accurate and a life saving one, as Apple wanted it on the iPhone after it’s map created a chaotic scene for an Australian traveler. Like they say never carry a paper map again!

6. Google Maps Streetview

This is the sister of Maps. So Maps user has to welcome it.

7. Skype

With cheap international call plans it must be popular right? You’re right!

8. Google Search

This is a widget comes pre-installed with voice search, this must a no brainer, and makes me feel bad for including the pre-installed ones here in this list. But they are worth it, right? Google can’t afford to loose on this one.

9. Google Voice Search

This gives voice to search, you search by talking and it’s hard to realize – is it a different app? Yes, so it gets updated separately!

10. Adobe Flash Player 11

This shouldn’t be on this list now. After Jelly bean update, this app doesn’t work! and is out of the Play store. But while it worked, it had a large user base.

11. Google+

This is Google’s social core! Plus ones are every where to be seen. So is on the Android. But having Facebook with the same range of user base, it should be challenging to keep staying at this level of users.

12. Youtube

While Gangnam style Youtube video that is about to hit a billion views. Wonder how many of the views came from the Android users. Also on Youtube App, you can skip any ad after 5 seconds of its play, so it’s no wonder why so many people love this app.

13. Angry Birds

The famous classic version of the game is on the famous throne of all games. By regularly updating with tons of levels and characters expanding the story line like you can’t afford to miss it having on your phones. Now would you delete it?

14. WhatsApp Messenger

When you can cut the SMS cost totally by 100% with the unlimited texting no wonder this app is on so many countries with a good roaming plan and lots of goodies. I am still recovering from the fact that a guy has gone as far as sending 60,000 messages in a single month!?!

There you go, the list of apps that almost every phone has. You might not have a couple or more of these, but others must be compensating for that.

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