Android KitKat On The Motorola Moto G – Problems And Solutions

The plan for Motorola was to be ahead of its competitors in terms of software, and be the first one to provide the new updates for their devices. When the Motorola Moto G was released, it had Android 4.3 out of the box, but Motorola managed to release the KitKat update for the Moto G in no time. While the Moto G was updated very fast, the rushing of the process proved to be detrimental to Motorola’s benefit, as many complaints regarding the update surfaced not long after. The camera, battery and UI were among the targeted areas of the complaints.

The applications that use the phone’s camera are the ones that drain the most battery, or where the battery drain is the most obvious. One of these applications is Skype, and while Google recommends uninstalling these apps as a solution, they will have to come up with something better than that, because some people can’t just uninstall certain apps of this nature, because they are used in business transactions and in the professional field.

Another important issue reported by users has to do with signal loss. Shortly after the Android 4.4.2 update, signal loss complaints started to appear. Although no official word from Google or Motorola about this yet, users found it effective to turn off your phone, or put it on Airplane Mode for a couple of minutes. This isn’t a permanent solution, nor is it ideal, but it should help you until Motorola and Google come up with a solution.

There is also a solution for the battery drain problem as well. It seems that the battery in the Motorola Moto G loses a lot of its juice very fast, especially when you are using camera based apps, that request camera access, such as Skype, but don’t worry, because users have found a way around this, as it is reported to fix the problem if you empty your battery completely until it turns off, then charge it up again, and then repeat the cycle. The next time your battery is fully charged, you shouldn’t experience that sort of problem anymore.

These are just a couple of tips that will help you hang on until something official from either Google or Motorola will drop. Let’s hope that new Android update that will fix everything and is on the way, will arrive very soon.

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