Android Wear vs iWatch – Supreme Fight Of the Watches

The time of the wearable devices has come. A simple smartphone just won’t cut it anymore, as all the leading brands in electronics start to adapt to the newest trend and invest in creating their own models and version of the smartwatch. Although not a lot to choose from at the moment, a storm of new wearable gadgets is approaching, as the upcoming IFA 2014 event will supposedly house the unveiling of several such devices. One of such gadgets rumored to be set for an IFA 2014 unveiling is the result of a partnership between Sony and Google for an upgraded Android Wear model. Apple will of course join the heat and release its own smartwatch, currently known and expected as the Apple iWatch. The Apple gadget is slated for a September 9 launch.

The aforementioned Sony gadget is reported to be the Sony SmartWatch 3, the successor for the Android-running SmartWatch 2, which was considered overly skinned. The gadget will represent an upgrade for both the hardware part assured by Sony, as well as the software component, as it will come with an updated Android Wear operating system. It will presumably complement the device rather nicely, putting its 1.68 inch display to good use. The screen mentioned will feature a 320×320 resolution as well as a IP58 certification.

Google has a busy schedule ahead, as it seems that several upcoming smart watches are reported to be released bearing the search giant’s Android Wear operating system. Such devices will feature branding from the likes of Asus, HTC, Samsung, LG or Motorola. These brands will represent stiff competition for Apple and its iWatch, as the battle for the best wearable gadget is starting to heat up. These gadgets differ from the aforementioned iWatch from Apple not only through the different operating system, as even though it isn’t quite clear if there will be an adapted iOS version implemented, we’re sure it won’t be Android Wear, but also in terms of available data for the moment. We have an official announcement for the Android device, while the iWatch still awaits official confirmation.

The iWatch from Apple seems to be taking over the hype from the much discussed iPhone 6, which will be launched not too long from now. The two devices might go hand in hand, as they seem to pertain to the same high-end device class, with the price tag associated to the iWatch reaching $400. Many sources are betting on a September unveiling of the wearable piece, followed by a 2015 release.

Other rumors about the gadget place the iWatch in Apple’s HealthKit, bearing iOS 8, but for the moment these are just rumors, as we await official confirmation.

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