Apple iPhone 6 Release Date Having Global Impact On The Smartphone Market

It is believed that the release of the much anticipated Apple handset, the iPhone 6, will cause major reactions within the smartphone world, and will set the tone for the remaining months of 2014. As Apple is preparing for the grand release of its device, other big names in the business like Samsung, HTC, Sony or LG, are currently struggling against China based manufacturers.

Such brands, like Lenovo, XIaomi or Huawei gained, and continue to gain so much popularity and customer flow, that they even reached the world’s top 5, which no longer includes Sony and LG, brands that couldn’t keep up as they got weaker.

Samsung and HTC are also in a current struggle, as they tried to stand in the face of the Chinese manufacturers, but at the same time managed to maintain their positions in the top 5 smartphone manufacturers of the world. Their struggle is anticipated to continue through the rest of 2014.

Morgan Stanley, who analyzed the situation, has predicted that one smartphone will be shipping about 80 million units, all of them by the end of December of 2014.

Apple, due to its upcoming release of the long anticipated iPhone 6, which is predicted to be massive among smartphones, alongside the budget friendly, average consumer oriented iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S, which are slated to get repackaged, is set to have a tremendous end of the year, with over 100 million units sold. That’s a pretty big number, so you might say that Apple is doing fine.

In support of Apple’s predicted fortune for the upcoming months is the fact that Apple’s biggest competitors, the Android powered Samsung and HTC, didn’t do so well in recent sales, as they continue to trail and fall behind. Neither company’s latest flagship device, the Galaxy S5 for Samsung and the One (M8) for HTC, succeeded in sales. Both devices performed quite poorly compared to what was expected.

Even though it was released in late 2013, the Apple iPhone 5S managed to leave both the S5 and the One M8 behind, as neither managed to impress in sales. The iPhone 5S, on the other hand, is what gave Apple its 42.1% market share, bigger than last market’s 41.4 % share.

Immediate future after the Apple iPhone 6’s release looks pretty bad right now for its Android competitors. Apple is set to release two version of the device. One is a 4.7 inch screen model, while the other one is a larger and more anticipated model, with a 5.5 inch screen. With this second version,  Apple is directly challenging Samsung, which is known for implementing large displays into its devices.

The Apple iPhone 6 is expected to drop somewhere between late September and early October, or days after its intro on September 9th.

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