Apple MacBoook Air Release Date in October with Killer Features and Updates

The MacBook Air ultra book has not received any from the day it has been released (2010), the only changes that it had been made were some tweaks around the processor. There is rumored that the MacBook Air might receive a Retina make over in the next months. The news have come from Taiwan.

Economical Daily News reported that the manufacturers of the components have started to ship parts to Apple’s partners that manufactures their devices, the parts had a serial production that is expected to begin in August 2014. If the production starts in August it means that the launch of the MacBook Air with the retina display make over will be in October most likely.

If you are waiting for the 12 inch version of the MacBook Air, we have some bad news for you. The laptop’s release will be delayed till late 2014 or even early 2015. The Apple Insider are saying that main reason of the delayed release is caused by the lack of nanometer Intel Broadwell chips. Until the 12 inch one is released you can only chose between the 11 inch and 13 inch.

Ming-Chi Kuo ( analyst for KGI) has estimated since April that the new MacBook Air with the 12 inch display will be launched around the third quarter of the year. The analysts also have predicted that the new MacBook Air will be lighter and that it will have a slightly different architecture.

The MacBook Air models had some problems. One of the problem was that when you wake up your laptop from sleep mode it will have a slight delay. Another problem was the fan behavior, it would start spinning randomly at maximum speed. This problems have happened only to a few of the products, but Apple has just release an update to solve exactly those problems. The EFI update will solve the sleep delay issues. The update can be used on devices from mid 2011 till the present.

You can easily download the update from the Mac app store or Apple’s website. You can even get it via the Software update.


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