Apple’s iWatch- Everything You Need To Know About The Flashy Gadget

As we get closer and closer to the release date of the highly-expected iPhone 6, which maintained itself on news headlines for the better part of the last two months at least, the device starts to acquire competition in terms of hype. Not to be misunderstood, as the iPhone 6 is still a device, a huge amount of Apple fans are looking forward to it, but its status from not so long ago when it has priority over anything else Apple related is not so obvious anymore. The latest craze going around the tech business and smart device market, the wearable gadget, or the smartwatch, is quickly gaining popularity, although there aren’t many models to work with just yet. A storm of intelligent watches is approaching, as the top leading brands in electronics have announce their own models that will soon be released. Among these brands is one maintaining itself at the very top. The manufacturer in question, Apple, also plans on joining the crowd and putting out a smartwatch device. In what’s to follow, we shall see why Apple’s device will prove itself superior to the other models, and what gives Apple the upper-hand in this early wearable gadget market branch.

The Apple iWatch- Technology And Luxury In One Package

The Apple iWatch is offering more than just a gadget, as its configuration turns it into a complete platform. This goes beyond simple app integration, as the other market leaders also offer quality products from this point of view. Samsung Gear, Android Wear and even Pebble come with app ecosystems, while others such as the Moto 360 also touch the market on a stylish note, with a dash of class in the product’s design.

Taking a look at the internal chipsets powering the device, we see that this is where the iWatch really gains a strong advantage against other smartwatches. The chips used for the iWatch’s manufacturing are all “home made”, as the iWatch is built using Apple branded components. Using their own chipsets and software allow Apple not only to have a certain independence, but also make use of their technology and furthermore sell it to other brands. The benefits could be pretty big if Apple will sell software or hardware for wearable devices to other tech manufacturers, or even luxury goods providers, as the iWatch promises to be the new standard in terms of luxury and performance, taking over from the swiss mechanisms. Perhaps Apple will arrange sales even in Switzerland, as its iWatch components might power up other luxurious wearables.

Although the device’s overall luxury is its strong point, for which it brought in some of the biggest names in luxurious products from Europe, it is not the only thing driving the iWatch. Health elements will also be a part of this gadget alongside other utility features, like electronic payment options.

Apple might cross paths with LifeBEAM. Life BEAM began its business by developing extremely accurate biometric sensors for jet planes and astronauts, where maximum precision can literally be a matter of life and death. Such technology adapted for integration into smartwatch  features could result in some highly accurate pulse-detecting capabilities



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