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Auto save texts on text boxes on websites and retrieve even if the window closes unexpectedly

There is this frustrating moment in everyone’s life – you spend a good 15 minutes writing on a comment box on a website, for some reason the window closes and you loose all what you have written. Every website can’t have what Gmail has. Gmail fortunately saves whatever you type on the compose box as a draft. With a Firefox extension, every website can be made to take draft locally on your hard disk. The extension is Textarea Cache, and

An auto summarization tool – Free Summarizer does a decent job of summarizing.

Automatic summarization is a topic that has research going on for over a long time now. The auto summarization program has two primary methods of summarizing. Extraction and abstraction. The former is a technique that extracts portions of texts which it sees as important and summarizes while maintaining the original sentence order. While the later one, changes the original with its artificial intelligence to produce a more concise summary. Abstraction is the field where all the research is being carried

Youtube Experiment – related videos has increased title font size

This is how the Youtube video page looks like (image above), currently. Youtube has an experiment going on that increases font size on the related videos title. The related videos you see on the right side, it’s title as of now, is small and is 13 pixels in size. An experiment is being carried out for some of the few users that increases this font size to 19 pixels in size, making it bigger. This is how the page looks

Candy Crush Saga Apk 1.15.0 download

A good reason to download app APK file instead of directly downloading it to your device from Google play store, is you don’t have to connect to your Google account on your device. This could be useful if your device, tablets mostly, is new and you are yet to connect the device to your Google account or you don’t have a Google account. As soon as you power on your new tablet or a 7″ phone, you are prompted to

Get Windows 8 experience on Chrome

Windows 8 metro interface start screen is the biggest addition and a daring move by the Windows Team at Microsoft. It still isn’t well received by the desktop users as it was designed with tablet and phone users in the mind. I don’t know. Windows team should have decided that they are going to roll out this change to every Windows 8 users. This is why they brought back the start button in the Windows blue 8.1 after listening to

Digg reader, is it a better RSS reader?

When Google reader was announced that it’s going to be shutdown, I like, most of the people, went to Feedly. The good thing Google does with any product it’s sun setting is it gives a grace time to take a backup of everything in over a month period. Google reader has been discontinued this week, after the grace period. Feed demon a desktop RSS reader, has been discontinued as well, as it solely depended on Google reader. With that Feedly

Stardock Start8 button in Windows 8.1

After you upgrade to Windows 8.1, you get a start button with this update. But that start button is just a namesake one. When you click on it, you are just taken to the metro UI start page. When you install Start8 button’s current version, now clicking on the start button opens a menu, but that’s a large menu and is blank. Yes totally blank with no Icons and items there. Stardock is very well aware of this right after

Google databoard lets you create custom infographics from their research library

Google Think Insights has a Databoard that quickly lets you browse research studies(only mobile shopping available presently) and lets you create a custom infographic that you can share and embed on your websites. To start with, click on any main topics, shown in the image above. Mobile search moments, the new multi-screen world, mobile in-store research and our mobile planet, to go its page. Now pick the sub topic you want, it then takes to a page where you can

Dashfolio – an Analytics analyzer

Dashfolio is a new service from the company that created Flippa and 99designs. It is a dashboard that summarizes analytics data showing a bird eye view of the key performance metrics. You can sign in with your Google account. Weekly Traffic and other key metrics The metrics you see first is the weekly traffic data. While every analytics shows you monthly, Dashfolio shows weekly. It’s something most of us webmaster don’t always take a look at. sample dashfolio report page,

Update to Android 4.3 Jelly bean on Samsung Galaxy s4 I9505

This update is not an official one. It’s somewhat like an Windows 8.1 preview release except it’s not from the official source. Don’t try this with the other models of Samsung galaxy S4, this is only for SGS4 I9505. This is a leaked custom Rom about 380 MB that cannot be flashed with Odin but installed using custom recovery or ClockWorkMod (CWM) (This was leaked by an XDA forums member to SAMMobile, who put this all together) What’s new with

Hide seen on Facebook messenger

Facebook messenger has this “seen” feature. When you see your friend’s messages but didn’t reply or forgot to reply, the message will be marked as seen followed by date and time. This can cause a little bit of trouble, when your friend didn’t get a message but know you have read their message. There’s an extension for Chrome and Firefox that blocks this “seen” feature. It’s FB Unseen. What the plugin does is blocks the seen status whenever you read

Turn on notifications for Windows 8 apps in tablet

Notifications are popular with iphone or android phones. You get the most important and other notifications that are annoying all from the notification screen. Even when the phone is locked, you get, say, a gmail notification along with sound when a new mail comes in. For users using the Windows 8 on tablet, this feature is useful. When the tablet is locked, a notification comes in, you are informed quick. But by default it’s disabled. So how to turn it

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