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How to hide tweets without unfollowing?

When a person is too noisy on your twitter stream and you don’t want to unfollow them. Or whatever twitter account you want to hide without unfollowing it. You can hide those accounts and their tweets. It’s not cool when they cloud your tweet stream with their noisy tweets or whatever. Adblock plus does this job really good. You can hide as many of them as you want. To read their tweets again, disable the Adblock just on twitter and

QR Code – safe way to scan them

AVG predicts malicious QR Codes will grow in number and calls that a “printed malware”. When you scan them without having no idea what is that, or expecting something like email or maps but get an unknown shortened link instead, you have to be cautious. The QR Code scanner on the phone usually shows the link before opening it. Having an extra security clearance would help. How do you know the QR Code on the right is safe? Safe way

Viewing Amazon kindle ebook on PC & converting it to pdf

Amazon’s Kindle for PC app lets you view all the kindle ebooks you bought or got it for free, right on your PC without Kindle. The app remembers the last page you were on, on a book before closing it. You can lookup words, highlight and take notes and get book facts within the app. There is a bookmark feature to bookmark pages and manage them. WhisperSync  button that looks like a refresh button, lets you sync activity on this

Google’s next step towards smarter search – knowledge graph for US English Users

You don’t have to be in the US to check out this new Google’s Knowledge graph feature for the search.Though this feature is rolled out to only those who are using Google in US english, if your language is US english already, you can check this for yourself when your search for celebrities, name of places, sports team, movies, art work, geographical locations etc… You can think this of a rich summary put together by the collective intelligence of the

Google self driving car gets a driver license will soon be on streets

Quick introduction – self-driving cars and laws There have been a lot of autonomous/driverless cars or vehicles around now for years, dating back to 1939 with GM starting first to several builders from Mercedes-Benz, DARPA Volkswagen, etc… The self-driving cars are used for projects or challenges, say to successfully drive as long as 3000 miles with autonomous accuracy of 97%-99% or to complete a 7 mile race among other of these cars on a tough track at the DARPA Grand Challenge.

Google’s Mothers day doodle done with javascript css sprite animation similar to Martha Graham’s

Belated/Advanced Happy Mothers Day! Google starts the Mothers day celebration with an affectionate greeting doodle. An animated doodle, that starts playing on opening the homepage. Its done with a sprite image and a javascript animating frame by frame by positioning a portion of the sprite image(frame) by changing the position with CSS just like the way Martha graham’s doodle was done. :The sprite image used is, Click image to view full size (960px x 839px) Many would wonder can

How to search Android Market for apps from Chomp? after its acquisition by Apple removed searching from Android Market or Google Play on its site. The Chomp page before the acquisition looked like this, [image unavailable] Now after the Apple acquisition, the page looks like this, [image unavailable] I hope its just temporary, or the page will soon redirect to Apple Market page, I don’t know. I found a easy temporary hack that still lets you search the Android Market for apps using Chomp. This is just for

Gideon Sundback Zipper doodle, recreated for fun and learning experience.

The Zipper doodle Google made to celebrate Gideon Sundback’s 132nd birthday, the man who pioneered the Zipper, is the one that people found difficult to recreate it on their local html file. I tried and tried couldn’t get it to work with whatever code I managed to copy from the Google’s homepage. But couldn’t recreate it at all. Then dismissed it thinking there is some external Javascript files involved. Today I came to know about those files. I still have

Project Detroit Ford Mustang – A Look inside the Microsoft technology

MicroStang (Micro-Stang) is what West Coast Customs call this tech/design-revamped 1967 Ford Mustang, who with the channel9/Coding4Fun team at Microsoft built this car under the codename “Project Detroit“. The car was first shown on the Discovery’s Velocity reality show “Inside West Coast Customs” aired on March 25th, showing from how its built to the end product that surprised Microsoft’s guests and others who came to watch its unveiling.. photo source Microsoft’s Technology behind the Project Detroit’s Ford Mustang: Remote controlling

Webbygram gives a web interface to instagram, making a best use of its API

With the recent acquisition of the popular mobile social photo sharing app Instagram by Facebook for $1billion, Instagram gets more bigger and popular so that a person like me who has never even used Instagram before (only available on mobile) can experience it now on my laptop with the help of @mulligan‘s Webbygram. Webbygram as an unofficial web version of instagram makes a good use of its API, where you can login to your Instagram account, comment or like photos like

Twitter follow button – Code and features

Twitter follow button ,an official twitter widget, a small one, lets you follow any account from the push of a button on a webpage it shows up. . The link to the button page on the Twitter’s resource page is, here: It’s easy to configure the button with your username as shown in the image above. For additional features of the button, you can visit it’s documentation page here – Features such as showing the followers count can be

Eadweard J. Muybridge 182nd Birthday Google Doodle – How it’s done?

Inspired by Brian’s short explanation of Martha Steward’s dancing Google Doodle, I am writing this post doing my best explaining Eadweard J Muybridge’s Horse in motion doodle. Johannes Gehrke blogged about this, but in german, the video is in English though. He made a GIF image of the doodle, below, as you can see is an awesome job! The Story behind the Horse motion picture of Eadweard. In 1872, Eadweard J. Muybridge was hired by Leland Standford to prove a

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