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Get back your old facebook profile layout with this browser addon

Facebook Timeline is the new profile. Some love it, some hate it. Facebook on its FAQ page says that once you have activated the timeline layout, you have 7 days to preview it out before reverting back to the older layout. But what if you don’t act within the trial period and the timeline gets fully activated? You don’t have this problem on the Internet Explorer 6 and 7, as Timeline feature doesn’t work on IE6 or 7. This helps

Some of the most repinned pins on

About 80% of the Pinterest pins being pinned are repins. The pin, an image, that attracts more votes, has a value. That keeps it going viral and getting more social activity going over there – an image, a pin! Lets take a look at some of these popular pins. 1. Garlic cheesy bread – 90750+ Repins Source: via Mandy on Pinterest   2. Rainbow fruit kabobs – 71200+ Repins. Source: via Emily on Pinterest   3. Framing compositions

How to turn off Youtube search suggestion from history?

You might have noticed while searching on  Youtube, it suggests searches from your history on the first 2 spots before the computed suggestion shows. Sometimes it shows the searches that you don’t want to search again. Clicking on Dismiss doesn’t get that rid off. The unwanted search keeps showing up. This could be embarrassing when someone, that often don’t have their own account wants to use Youtube on your computer for sometime. Awkward moment! So whats the fix? Youtube have

Save firefox tabs, restore it in the same browser and across different browsers on any device

Using Firefox’s default session manager. Most of the firefox users uses the built-in tabs restore to get back to the previous sessions of open tabs of sites that were surfing on earlier if their computer crashes or firefox shutdown abruptly . You can use this session restore feature to restore sessions on the next session. It requires exiting the firefox from the process explorer instead of closing it. This is the easiest option to restore firefox session tabs.  Using Session

Remove Firefox inspect element on the context menu

With the release of Firefox  10, a new feature – a developer tool, Inspect Element is added to the context menu. It’s the Firefox’s reply to the in-built Chrome’s developer tools. But the developers on Firefox  aren’t happy. Why? It is added in the place where Firebug is used to be and is now above the Firebug’s inspect element. You might click on it, waiting for the Firebug’s overlay at the bottom of the window, only to see something new,

Outpost Firewall Pro – How to enable ads on webpages

Outpost firewall pro blocks ads by default. If you are wondering why you aren’t seeing ads on any of the sites, this is the reason. Advertising blocking feature in Outpost firewall is indeed a good feature, as it saves you from downloading Adblock plus for each browser that you commonly use. Blocking Ads on outpost firewall is easy as blocking ads with Adblock Plus. But the former lets you block on the firewall level while the later blocks it on

Cash on Delivery shopping sites in india

Indian ecommerce is blooming. More Indians now shop online. Recently a major Indian Ecommerce retailer acquired for an undisclosed amount. Their annual turnovers shows how much online shopping activity is going on currently in India. This is impressive. Don’t have credit cards to shop? You can shop with debit cards or net banking! But a large number of goods aren’t well delivered. The number of stolen, item replaced, package hampering exists! The safest and hassle free way is

How to use Blekko as backlink checker and seo tool?

As yahoo site explorer is shutdown long back ago, there is always a quest of finding the next backlinks explorer tool that just gets the job done. You should be already using one of the paid or free but limited solution. Seo spyglass is one paid tool that is good but is expensive at $99.75 for a budding webmaster. So what I want to point out to you is the free solution and is the best tool I have been

Find royalty free images, videos and text contents using google advanced search

Google advanced search lets you narrow down your search results by a lot of filters. You can search by languages, region, file type..etc.. all these you might have already known. There is another filter, Usage rights which lets you filter search results by free to use or share or modify or all even for commercial purpose. This is how you find your royalty free contents. On the advanced search page, scroll down till you see “Usage rights” like shown in

Run android apps on Windows PC

I remember using a hack that involved using android emulator as a device to connect to android marketplace. You can download apps and run on the emulator. That’s how android apps are ran on the windows without any phone at all. But looks like that hack isn’t needed anymore. There are about 2 Windows application (at this moment) that does this job of running android apps on your pc. One is Youwave and other one is Bluestacks.  Youwave Youwave about 120mb

Online file format conversion this simple

Even if there are a lot of online file conversion sites out there, till now I have been using Google docs to convert docx files to pdf, and other site to convert youtube videos to mp3. So there isn’t one solution that solves all the conversion needs. Enter, which is the all in one file conversion site that allows converting files into any desirable format for free upto to 100 mb. The free version is enough for a quick

How to restore lost or removed contacts in gmail?

If  you have unknowingly removed a contact and want it back or looking for a contact that you are sure you had before but can’t find it in the contact list, no worries. Gmail can restore your contacts back within the past 30 days. This is a great way to recover deleted contacts, undo an import, or undo a merge. Gmail saves all the contacts for you even after their removal, and all you have to do to get back

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