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Minecraft Pocket Edition Update Makes Available Infinite Worlds


The Pocket Edition of Minecraft is getting an update and it’s a big one: the update will contain some of the features we see on PC which were not available to the “mini” version of Minecraft. If you’re a Minecraft addict, you surely read one or two articles on which Minecraft version is better and more successful. It mostly is a battle between the PC/Mac version of the game and the console one. But the discussion is never about the

Minecraft Gets Portable on PS Vita – Play Anywhere


If you are an addicted player of Minecraft, you know you love both the computer version (for all the mods and downloadable features) and the console version (who doesn’t like the slip screen multiplayer mode the game comes with?). Now, although we also love these two versions, we have to admit that the tablet version is not as exciting. The version of Minecraft that works on smartphones and tablets is called the Minecraft Pocked and is a significantly slimmed down

Potential Fallout 4 Release Date – What Should We Know About It?


A lot of rumors have been going on this year about when exactly the gigantic company Bethesda will release one of its most popular games, Fallout, the 4th edition. The Marketing Executive at Bethesda, Pete Hines, has once again declared that any rumored release date is just a speculation and that the Fallout 4 game is only in the making, so the company cannot pronounce themselves on releasing it. We’ve heard plenty of times this type of statement from Hines,

Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Leaked Specs of Benchmark Testing with RAM, Display and Camera


Samsung has been releasing a lot of top notch devices this year, like the Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S5 Mini and Galaxy Tab S that are keeping a strong position in the top best smartphones on the market. This week, Samsung released a few new handsets on the market, from the Galaxy series: the Galaxy Young 2, Galaxy Ace 4, Galaxy Star 2 and Galaxy Core 2. Not only did Samsung release this number of smartphones, but they

Sony Xperia ZL2 vs. Sony Xperia T3: Specs Comparison

The range of smartphones Sony Xperia has to offer the market is considered to be very efficient especially in a market dominated by Android and iOS. With this, Sony tries to come up with power features in their smartphones from the display to even the battery capacity which they put altogether and showcase in their latest smartphones. The Sony Xperia ZL2 and Sony Xperia T3 are two of the latest smartphones in the market, surprisingly not only for Sony but

Sony Xperia Z1 vs Sony Xperia Z1S: Specs Comparison

In the current market of smartphones in the world, Sony chooses to put itself in front of the race. The range of smartphones that the Sony Xperia series has to offer has always been considered to be top of the edge phones with power features that are uniquely made by Sony to lead the market’s race when it comes to efficient smartphones. The Sony Xperia Z1 and Sony Xperia Z1S are two of the most favoured Sony smartphones. Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia M2 vs. Sony Xperia M2 Duos: Specs Comparison

Along with many brands which are well known for their line of smartphones, Sony has a lot to offer smartphone users too. The Sony Xperia M2 and the Sony Xperia M2 Duos are two of the latest smartphones that Sony has released this year. These smartphones are almost regarded as the same with only the dual sim feature of the M2 Duos being different but it does not do us any harm to still look at what really makes these

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos vs. Samsung Galaxy S Duos: Specs Comparison

Most smartphone users now prefer to have separate phones for business and for personal use. This reason gave Samsung an idea: dual sim smartphones. With these dual sim smartphones, users will have the comfort of carrying their phones for business along with their phones for personal use in just one single phone. The Samsung Galaxy Y Duos and the Samsung Galaxy S Duos both has this feature but let us still look at the similarities and differences of two of

Samsung Galaxy SIII Slim Vs. Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo: Specs Comparison

The growing variety of smartphones in the market gives smartphone users the liberty of choosing what they think will suit them more. The Samsung Galaxy SIII Slim and the Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo despite their supposed similarity with each other because of their name, these two Samsung Android phones actually have many differences. Display Both the Samsung Galaxy SIII Slim and Galaxy SIII Neo have a touchscreen feature that is very efficient for screen sizes 4.50 inches and 4.80 inches

Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo vs. Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo+: Specs Comparison

As Samsung evidently takes part in the fast growing economic market when it comes to smartphone sales, Samsung is known to manufacture phones with a very fast rate to ensure that they make phones that are able to cater to smartphone users of any age or whatever category there is. The Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo and Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo+ are 2 of the latest smartphones Samsung has released this year which are considered to be almost virtually alike in

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: Specs Comparison

Samsung phones are well known to provide efficient smartphones for users who are keen on having power features on their phones so that they will be satisfied whenever they use it. With this, Samsung offers wide varieties of smartphones to choose from that will cater to the specific needs that smartphone users look for in a phone of their choice. These two phones, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini are quite too alike in their

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo vs. Samsung Galaxy Core Lite

With Samsung’s wide range of smartphones it has to offer, most smartphone users are faced with the challenge of what smartphones to use and what smartphones are definitely efficient and has top of the edge features. With this, we try explore these smartphones and really check what power features they have to prove that they really are top of the edge. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo and Samsung Galaxy Core Lite are two of the latest smartphones Samsung has released

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