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LG L70 Dual vs. LG L80 Dual: Specs Comparison

The rise of smartphones in the wide economic market suggests a lot of things, most especially the advancement of technology in the society. LG offers us Android smartphones which are considered to be one of the most competitive brands in the market when it comes to quality and efficient smartphones. Most smartphone users are keen to have personal and business purpose phones separate but LG offers an option in which these two purposes can be merged into one phone: dual

LG L35 vs LG G3: Specs Comparison

In the current smartphone market, there are specific brands that smartphone users consider to be the best in the market in manufacturing top of the line smartphones. LG smartphones are known to be part of the ever growing smartphone market in this society, bringing us Android smartphones which prove to have unique power features that cannot be found in other smartphone brands. The LG L35 and LG G3 are two of the latest smartphones LG has released this year. These

Lenovo S850 vs. Lenovo S860: Specs Comparison

At the continuous rise to fame of smartphones, Lenovo smartphones tend to not be hidden from the limelight. For smartphone users who prefer to be in favor of a brand and if that brand is Lenovo, then let’s talk about two of the newest releases of Lenovo smartphones: The Lenovo S850 and the Lenovo S860. These two smartphones are quite alike in its physical features and even some of its power features yet it is important to check out the

Lenovo P780 vs Lenovo S920: Specs Comparison

In 2012, the Chinese company Lenovo has decided to take part in running the market of smartphones and up to now, Lenovo has built an image which is known to offer high end smartphones for quite reasonable prices. At the rise of smartphones in the society, it is important to note how many brands of smartphones adjust to the needs of users who also want to experience smartphones but only on a limited budget. Lenovo is one brand which can

iPhone 5C vs. iPhone 5S: Specs Comparison

The Apple industry of smartphones are known to offer the best in the world, having phones run by iOS while competing brands are dominated by Androids. iPhones are considered to be the top-selling, widely known and user-friendliest phone in the smartphone market so now, let’s see what really is in these iPhones when we compare the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. General Apple is known to offer only one kind of phone, the iPhone, which is only modified through

HTC One (M8) vs. HTC One (E8): Specs Comparison

Smartphone users want phones which they can trust, which they can maximize its use, which they can flaunt its power features and of course, a smartphone that comes with a reasonable price and is known to be high quality. HTC smartphones proves that to its users. HTC tells the smartphone market that its brand should be included in the race of iOS and Android smartphones duelling to have more consumers than the other. The HTC One (M8) and the HTC

HTC Desire 816 vs. HTC Desire 610: Specs comparison

The HTC line of smartphones is known to be part of the line of brands of smartphones which are known to offer efficient and high quality smartphones. Another thing about HTC is that it is known to provide top of the edge smartphones with power features for reasonable prices. The HTC Desire 816 and the HTC Desire 610 are two of the latest smartphones HTC has released this year. Both phones being in the same price range, it is only

Apple iPhone 5s vs. Sony Xperia Z1: Specs Comparison

Apple and Sony are considered to be two very competitive forces when it comes to the smartphone market in a society which is known to be highly dependent on technology. In the advancement of technology, smartphones are treated to be of great help to individuals to make their life much easier mostly with regards to the nature of professional jobs or even for some smartphone users’ lifestyles. The iPhone 5s and Sony Xperia Z1 can attest to the idea of

Apple iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Specs comparison

In the continuous rise of the smartphone market in the economic part of the world, it is mostly known how the iOS and Android is part of a full-fledged battle in proving to the world which is a better system when it comes to smartphones. The Apple iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are two phones which are both known to have power features, representing iOS and Android respectively. With this, it is only proper to check and look

Apple iPhone 5s vs. HTC One Max: Specs Comparison

At the rise of smartphones in a technologically advanced society, it is almost impossible to not create competition between brands and companies. Apple and HTC both offer quality smartphones only maybe getting different when it comes to price ranges of phones but these two brands are manifestations of how iOS and Android truly dominate the economic market’s battle for smartphone sales. With this, it is important to check the latest offerings from Apple and HTC and see how their phones

Easily convert PDF with tables to Excel

If you ever wanted to convert tables in your PDF document to Excel format, it’s simpler now. PDF to Excel converter lets you do this. It converts all the table’s row and columns into excel fields, that you can add formulas and work with that data. The fields maybe a little way off,  a 2 columns off for example, but with a little editing you can have your workable Excel sheet in your hand for further data manipulation. Say if you

Can you unlock Linkedin and find people’s email and other information? Well a tool named Sell Hack just lets you do that! the domain, just registered today (01/04/2014) is on viral and with a surprise, That is, Linkedin responded today within few hours of the tool going live, with a plan to send cease and desist letter. Linkedin is so quick to take action, but’s homepage looks professional like the startup page if you will, with some good work put into it. Linkedin also warned people to not to use the banned in a day tool. So what does?

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