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When Youtube video’s views gets frozen and is stuck at a same count

Well, if that’s the case what’s that video? It is, It’s Nike’s new Advertisement that’s been uploaded to Youtube only less than 2 days ago, at 21st August. It got a 1.4 million views already. But it’s frozen, stuck at a view count of 1,471,404. We all know that after watching a video its view count doesn’t immediately increase. There is a lag or latency. (source: Google Developers – Youtube) The lag, as you can see in the image above

Adobe Flash APK for Android 4.3

As you probably already know it, Adobe Flash has been discontinued long ago. There have been APK’s of Flash floating around the internet since then. Sounds good and happy right? But the game changes! Oh. Yes with the Android 4.3 version, the existing APK didn’t work and has to be modified to get it working on Android 4.3. So who would you turn to? Yes, XDA-Developers without a doubt, and today a member there contributed the modified APK that works

Set your phone to ring loud or vibrate depending on the location automatically

Aren’t you tired of the phone ringing out loud at unusual hours or at places when you don’t want it to? You must be like all of us. I know I can’t take it, when my phone rings out loud when I am at the cinemas. Your tolerance could vary depending on the places you are at. Enough of talks about the annoyance and let’s get to the solution. With Llama – Location profiles, for Android,  you can let it

Expenses management for Android

Managing expenses against the budget has got easier with Expense Manager for Android. Even better as you start recording your expenses, you are reminded for how much more you can spend that month. You can set your budget each month and see a graph of expenses Vs budget for each month. Taking a look at which month cost you more money and which month saved you money can be very handy. Managing your money on smartphone, is a good friend

Facebook like inline translation

Facebook’s inline translation is an AJAX, Javascript and PHP combination powered by Bing translator. How does Facebook inline translation work? (Technical stuff follows…) When you click “See Translation,” for a non-english texts, it sends a request to a php file, translate_comment.php, with parameters such as comment id, user id, and other unrecognizable ones like ft_ent_identifier and so on. The full link would look like,[0]=534056496642928_5273529&source=1&__user=1379503789&__a=1 You can watch what happens behind the scenes with HttpFox for Firefox and with developer tools

[WordPress] How to improve page load time

Increasing page speed, decreases its load time, which is best user experience you can do for your site visitors. In this article we are going to focus on WordPress powered blogs and sites. You don’t need to move your site to a dedicated server or CDN yet, unless your shared hosting server isn’t able to handle your site’s bandwidth usage. Now, we’ll take a look at each aspect of the page and how to optimize them for the best load

Plume Twitter client for Android

Plume Twitter client is probably the best one for Android at the moment. As soon as you install and run the app for the first time it asks to connect your Twitter account. That’s the one time authentication the app remembers just like the web app connecting to Twitter. On the main screen you will see tabs for Timeline, Mentions, Direct messages, Replies and Conversation. You can also add your Facebook to it, I am yet to add it and

Merge all your duplicate contacts on your android phone

It’s common to have contacts that are duplicates on your Android phone, and it’s a painstaking effort to go through your contact list to find those duplicate entries manually. The duplicate here is the name or  email or phone number. Merge + for android helps you find the duplicate contact entries for you automatically and presents them in a list after finding them.  Each unique entries has a nested list of the duplicate entries. The list will look like in

Cut and crop videos with AVconv

AVconv is part of the Libav converter that converts both audio and video. The best part is it can even process video/audio streams live. I have already written about how to use Libav package to create a GIF images from videos. In this article we’ll take a look at how to cut and crop videos with AVconv. Getting started: You need to first download and install Libav package, if you don’t already have this on your computer. You can check

Shake your Android phone to trigger actions

How different can you shake your phone? Horizontally, vertically, forward, backward, and casual (simple) shake in any direction, even diagonally. Shake is an android app that detects phone shake and performs action for it. It comes with a set of most commonly used “action” on your phone for each kind of shakes by default. An action can be running an app or controlling apps/features. You can’t customize it with your own actions, though. You might change what actions to perform

Control Firefox with this Mouse Gestures extension

Mouse gesture is a way of making mouse movements to draw lines or curves from different directions on the screen to operate certain commands on browsers, desktops etc… You can customize it with the gesture of your choice. Mouse gestures extensions for the browsers started surfacing on the internet since 2008 with Opera already comes with it. Since then there are programs specific for certain apps like Gmail and more. Firegestures is a mouse gestures extension for Firefox. It requires

Unit converter app for Windows 8 and Android

For Windows 8: ConvertPad for Windows 8, is a full featured unit converter, yet it’s full of ads. The ads are quite distracting on the home screen. Let’s see if this is any worth despite the ads. The unit you can convert are, length, angle, temperature, mass, speed, area, time, fuel, volume, currency and clothes/shoe size. Type any number in the length, it gives you the conversion in all other units. Same goes for others. The clothes/shoe size converter is

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