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Youtube geek week’s geek test

Youtube geek week starts from today and goes on till 10th. I am more interested in the geek test. Youtube has a new tab in its channel page, geek test. That page is iframed with the app page hosted on appspot. You can access that page here, and I am also iframing it here below this article. This is interesting as Youtube pages now can have a page for app. Not sure if this feature is already rolled out or

Hide Zip or Rar file into an image – Steganography

Steganography or stego in short, is hiding a file within another file or technically, embedding a data file in a carrier file. You can hide an archive within an image. The app I am going to talk about, that does this is Steganography, named after the technique itself. The were similar stego apps floating on the internet way before 2007 that does this cryptic file hide. This technique could be useful to send files that are secret. Even if the

OverApi – a cheat sheet of programming languages library

OverApi is a birds eye view of programming languages library. The popular languages are listed on the featured like section on the top and the remaining ones are listed as per alphabetical order, on the home page. Selecting any programming language, gives you that view of everything library. For instance selecting Python the page looks like, You see all the build-in functions on one page categorized by their type. Each of these functions are linked to the programming language documentation

[Windows 8] Moon alarm – all things clock, timer and moon

The phrase moon alarm doesn’t make any sense, but the app is all about moon and alarm. It has some places added to it already. Chances are your place isn’t there, you can add a place, by right clicking, add place. You can then add your place with the time zone information and latitude/longitude. You can drag to move the places on the place area. Each place has the date, time and moon phase information. The default place is Karlsruhe

Boggle type game for Android, Facebook, IOS and Windows 8

Boggle type game is never boring. With the advent of smartphones/tablets, these games started appearing on them last decade. I should say with the advent of Internet these games appeared much earlier online in the 90’s. Windows DOS boggle was quite popular as well. But the touch interface adds a new beauty to the game. Be it swiping on touch devices or using a mouse or keyboard this game is fun and more and more versions of it appears every

Windows directory analyzer and statistics

If you are running out of disk space or what to free up some disk space on a drive, you then need an analyzer that shows disk space taken by each drive, its files and folders. WinDirStat is a disk space analyzer for Windows that works up to Windows 8.1. It gives you directory information on a tree view above, file types on the right and a drive graph on the bottom (image above). From the tree view, you can

ProxToMe lets you share files and chat using the Facebook and Dropbox Integration

ProxToMe for android hasn’t took off that well. The app is released on February this year on iPhone first, it is then released for Android. But 5000-10,000 installs a month at Google play store is not bad at all. A new update is released yesterday for both Android and iPhone. The app is essentially a file sharing and chat, with people that are nearby (both friends and strangers or contacts and nearby). To make this connectivity possible, other users got

Remove Skydrive to fix its shutdown every few minutes

Windows 8.1 preview bundles itself with Skydrive. Skydrive when it works is an useful utility, when it doesn’t is an issue. Skydrive has known for its issues. One is shutting down itself every few minutes. This can be troublesome. The only way to fix this is by removing the app. Hope the issue will be addressed in the full version of Windows blue. Until then, removing is the only way to fix this issue. How to remove Skydrive in Windows

Responsive Embed Codes

Twenty twelve theme for wordpress is responsive enough. Meaning that, any WordPress website using that theme will resize itself to fit many screen sizes. This site uses twenty twelve theme. It resizes pretty well on different screen sizes. To check how your site looks on different screen sizes, just resize your browser and load the page. It’s the quick and easy way to find out how it looks on different screen sizes. But there are things like ads and embeds

Customize Chrome’s new tab screen

The default Chrome browser’s new tab has apps and most visited web pages which is bought into view by sliding the page. This isn’t customizable at all. The good news is, extension developers have made some really slick and useful page that replaces the new tab. The new tab has been customized to look like Windows 8 metro UI, as a bookmark speed dial and a feed reader. Read on to find and choose what you want your new tab

MoodTune app from BrainTracer lets you play simple games to treat depression

It was 4 months ago when BrainTracer made their announcement of their new depression fighting app, MoodTune. The app applies neuro-behavioral science in its series of games that simulate a part of brain, Anterior cingulate cortex to normalize it, to reduce the effects of depression. They are only going to make it available for the public, after clinically evaluating it. image souce: sutherlandsurvey I am lucky to be a part of their beta testing, taking a look at MoodTune before

Windows 8 file shredder – totally delete a file without being able to recover

When you delete a file on your hard drive, either moving to recycle bin and emptying the trash or deleting with shift+delete, you are not totally deleting it. Why? This is because Windows since it came, never deletes a file totally on a delete. What it does then? It simply removes the link to the file. That’s it. So can it be recovered? Yes, it can be recovered. How? This is because the file sectors on your hard drive still

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