Bad piggies updated to 1.1.0

After months and months of being dormant Rovio rolled out an update for Bad piggies. One thing to be noticed is that it doesn’t get updated automatically from within the Bad piggies initial version, you got to get the download link from either or from your account page.


Here’s the download link,


The update 1.1.0 is packed with 30 new level of “Flight in the night”. The new addition is that the pigs have to pass through the obstacles without disturbing the sleeping angry birds. The perfect completion within the time, with no additional goodies on the vehicle, and no angry birds awake would get you the three stars.


The Road hogs is the new additional stage that is added in this update. There are 6 levels which are as long as the sand box but comes with a time limit to finish the level. A new sand box level for Flight in the night is added. This makes the bad piggies a complete one which no waiting for updates from now on.

Rovio is getting busier with the new animation series and releasing Bad Piggies update now is a good idea so they can focus more on the current projects.

Overall the Bad piggies update is worth the wait seeing that the first update arrived in the late october of last year.

To end this post with a video, I’m attaching the Rovio’s trailer for the new update,


Version 1.2.0 is out, so downloading 1.1.0 will prompt with an update.

As always you can see the Bad piggies latest version available below,

Whoohoo! Bad Piggies is updated from version 1.0.0 to version
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