Best Tips for iPhone Users

The Apple iPhone is currently one of the most popular smartphones in the
market. Millions of people around the world now own an iPhone. Your iPhone
comes with a manual that teach you how to do all the basic stuff, but there
are a lot of things about the iPhone that are not mentioned in the manual.
The iPhone has hidden functions that have been recently added in a software
update or not mentioned in the manual by Apple. To save you the trouble of
looking for these ‘secret’ functions, check out this article. Here you will find
some of the coolest iPhone tips that you are probably not yet aware of.

Basic Phone Tips

If you never used an iPhone before, then these basic phone tips may be able
to help you. To make a phone call with your iPhone, you simply need to tap
on a phone number or name in the Contacts list. You can also call the phone
number that is displayed on a web page by simply tapping the number. You
can redial the last number that you called by tapping “Keypad” then “Call”.
The last number that you called will appear on the screen. Tap “Call” again
to dial that number.

Safari Browser Tips

The Safari web browser for the iPhone is a very useful app for surfing the
web when you don’t have access to a computer. These safari browser tips
may be useful to you and make web surfing more convenient on the iPhone.
If you don’t like using Google as the default search engine for the Safari
browser, you can change the default search engine to Bing or Yahoo by
tapping “Settings”, “Safari” then “Search Engine”.

Did you know that you can save the images that you see on the Safari
browser? To do this, press and hold the image to save it to the camera roll
or copy it to the clipboard. You can then use the image as wallpaper for
your iPhone or share them to other via email, Facebook or Twitter. To make
browsing easier, you can create icons on the Home screen for the websites
that you always visit. To do this, load up the website, tap the “+” at the
bottom of the screen, then select the “Add to Home Screen” option.

Take a Screenshot

Sometimes, you might want to capture a screenshot of game or the
webpage that you are viewing. You do not have to download a separate
app that will allow you to do this. The iPhone has a secret function that
allows you to take a screenshot of whatever is in your screen. To take a
screenshot, all you have to do is to press the “Home” and “Sleep” buttons.
Wait for a camera shutter sound and white flash to appear on the screen. To
see the screenshot, tap “Photos” and then tap “Camera Roll”. The screenshot
is now an image file on your iPhone and you can send it via email or share it
via Twitter or Facebook.

Special Characters on the Onscreen Keyboard

There are special characters hidden on the onscreen keyboard that you may
not know how to access. Accented letters can be accessed by pressing and
holding down a letter on the QWERTY keyboard. For example, to access
the accented options for the letter “e”, press and hold down the letter ‘e’
on the QWERTY keyboard. The accented options for the letter “e” will then
appear. Slide your finger to the option that you want and then release.
The accented “e” will then appear on the text box. There are many other
special characters that can be accessed by pressing and holding down the
characters on the QWERTY keyboard of your iPhone.

Secret Siri Tricks

If you own one of the latest iPhone models (e.g. iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone
5) then you probably use Siri. Here you will find some secret Siri tricks
that you probably know yet. First, did you know that there are other ways
to activate Siri? To enable another way to activate Siri, go to “Settings”,
“General”, then tap “Siri”. Find“Raise to Speak” and turn it on. Now you can
activate Siri by raising your iPhone to your ear like when you are making
a call. Second, there are also secret Siri commands that can make Siri do
various things. For example, say “Sing a song” and Siri will sing for you. You
can try to say “Knock knock”, “I love you”, “What is the meaning of life?”,

“Blah blahblahblah”, “Who let the dogs out”, “Talk dirty”, “Will you marry
me” and see the funny responses by Siri.

Battery Tips

If you use your iPhone very often for browsing, texting, and playing games,
then you probably find yourself having to recharge your iPhone at least once
per day. These battery tips may be able to help you conserve the battery
power of your iPhone.

One way to save battery power is to close the apps that are running in the
background when you’re not using them. To do this, double-tap the iPhone’s

Home button to see the apps that are currently running in the background.
Tap and hold an app until all the apps start wiggling. Tap the red “-“sign
on an app that you want to close so that it won’t run in the background
anymore. Closing the apps that are running in the background will also
help improve the performance of your phone. Another way to conserve the
battery power of your iPhone is to decrease the screen brightness. To do
this, go to “Settings” then tap “Brightness & Wallpaper”. Tap and slide the
small circle to the left to decrease the brightness of the screen.


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