Beware The Success With Anthony Scam! This Success With Anthony Review Is A Must Read Before You Buy!!!

If you were to believe the claims made by Anthony Morrison, founder of Success with Anthony, his program is the best solution for earning money online.

After taking a hard look at what’s offered, and how his program is structured, however, I have to say I strongly disagree. (You can click here to see a review of a much better platform.)

In fact, I think this program is flat out scammy. Here’s why:

My Success With Anthony Review

success with anthony scamThe Success With Anthony Program claims to be an unbeatable solution for generating traffic to your website and, as a result, building a real profit machine.

The way he puts it, it seems as if you can just buy his scheme, sit back, and watch the dollars roll in. While no one would fall for something quite so blatantly false, Anthony puts just enough spin on his program to make you think that you’re going to be getting a great deal.

The program has a 3-tiered structure to it:

How to profit with email marketing, which includes a few videos plus a several hundred page pdf guide that recaps the content of the videos.

How to profit with social media, which provides training on how to use YouTube, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter in order to get more and better quality traffic, and

How to profit from SEO, which goes into an overview of how search rankings and organic traffic works.

Is Success With Anthony A Scam?

Yes! This program is definitely a scam. Here’s why:

If you were to take this description at face value, the program doesn’t sound half bad. It looks like it covers some of the main topics involved with internet marketing, and provides a realistic way of increasing traffic to your site.

Unfortunately, it comes nowhere near living up to it’s hype.

Firstly, the training material itself is not of a great quality. While the modules do include the content he claims they include, they’re not well presented and, if you’re a beginning marketer, you’re likely to find the process overwhelming and unclear, with little idea of where to begin.

He does provide an overview of each of the marketing channels outlined, but he doesn’t put it all together in terms of how that knowledge will help you build a business from scratch.

Not only that, but the pricing advertised on the site is completely bogus. It seems that every click you make seems to offer you a new and different deal, ranging from a one time $147 fee to a $7 starter kit and a guarantee of Anthony paying you $100 if you’re not satisfied.

If you do make the mistake of purchasing it, once inside the program you’re immediately asked to provide personal contact information, which is required before proceeding. Then, you get solicitations and offers for everything from additional training materials to private coachings, which range in price up to several thousand dollars!

I don’t know about you, but to me that screams SCAM!

There were also some reports that Success with Anthony was banned from Clickbank for policy violations back in 2012. I couldn’t personally verify that claim, but it’s worth noting, since Clickbank only bans its users if they receive numerous complaints and/or the product is in violation of their policies.

Alternatives to Success with Anthony Morrison

In my opinion, your best bet is simply to stay away from this program…far away.

Don’t let that opinion turn you off from trying to build an internet marketing buiness, however. There is a real and viable opportunity to build profitable niche sites that you can market via social media, SEO, and email marketing.

Instead of Success with Anthony, however, just choose one of the more reputable internet marketing training providers out there. Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate consistently rank among the best and most comprehensive courses.

For me, personally, I think that Wealthy Affiliate is going to be your best bet, since it takes you through every step of the process from picking a high potential niche and setting up your website to marketing that site, driving traffic, and earning real profits!

Read my full review to learn more.

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