BlaBlaMeter – how much bullshit hides in your text?

BlaBlaMeter tells you how much bullshit hides in a text or content. We write good stuffs but add some fluff into it to sound good. I am going to write about this service and let it check what I have wrote. The site is interesting because it has to separate the wheat from the chaffs. To test the BS meter you have to have atleast 5 sentences. Does it sees the words you use? or how much of an exclamation marks you use?

If a spam detection like akismet can find, detect and label a sentence or two as spam, why does it take more than a couple of sentence to find its BS. Well, you can say that spam detection program looks the originating source and other signals in its algorithms, but the idea of computer based BS detection is fascinating. Let me run all what I wrote till now on the BlaBlaMeter and then see what we have found out.

This is the result I got for the last two paragraphs,


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