BlackBerry Assistant May Overthrone Siri – See its Features

Catching up with the competition BlackBerry has created their own digital personal assistant. They will use this personal assistant to compete with Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Now.

Apple have been the first to bring the digital personal assistent concept to the smartphone market, the second ones were Microsoft’s Crotana and now a bit later the promising BlackBerry digital assistant.

The announcement of the BlackBerry Assistant has been made on Wednesday. This will allow BlackBerry users to enjoy the same assistance just like the Apple iOS and Google Android users.

The new Black Berry Z3 and the BlackBerry Passport Tablet will sport the physical QWERTY keyboard and a new square design.

The new feature will be available for all the device’s that run on BlackBerry 10.3 operating system. The feature will help users to search contacts, emails, managing events, social media, etc. The BlackBerry Assistant will adapt over the time to the device owner and assist them better.

BlackBerry’s marketing executive, Donny Halliwell has said that this feature is not very expensive (resource-wise), it’s made specifically to help BlackBerry users and help BlackBerry Passport shine. What we do not know is if the BlackBerry Assistant will be only business orientated or if it will have the fun factor like iPhone’s Siri.

Donny Halliwell has taken the BlackBerry Assistant for a test drive and he said that it will do exactly what you demand it to do. For example when he was in a meeting he told the BlackBerry Assistant to remind him to follow up an colleague, and the BlackBerry Assistant has made a reminder note.

The BlackBerry blog said that the digital Assistant will help you with your daily task, like keeping your schedule, informing you, etc.

The main idea is that the BlackBerry Assistant is a no-nonsense personal assistant.

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