BlackBerry Classic Brings Back The QWERTY Keyboard, Specs And Release Date Leak

Multiple leaked pictures show the upcoming BlackBerry Classic device, which will feature the trademarked BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard. It isn’t the only device  in the works, as pictures of another device from BlackBerry, called the BlackBerry Passport, have also leaked earlier.

Back in June, during an event that focused on showcasing the BlackBerry Passport, the CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen, also confirmed the existence of a device called the BlackBerry Classic. However, due to the fact that the Passport was the main focus of the even, not much emphasis was put on the Classic.

According to GSMArena, the leaked pictures of the BlackBerry Classic displays the device alongside other BlackBerry models such as the BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Porsche Design or the BlackBerry Q10.

The BlackBerry Classic is presumably intended for those who can be considered die hard fans and still prefer the QWERTY keyboard over virtual keyboards. The handset will feature not only a QWERTY keyboard, but also a trackpad for navigation The trackpad will be joined on the front panel by individual buttons for answering and rejecting calls, as well as Menu and Back keys.

Taking a look at the internal configuration, the device will pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, which is clocked at 1.5 GHz. The processing unit will be combined with the included 2 GB of RAM, all under the 3.5 inch display with the 1440 x 1440 resolution and 582 ppi pixel density. The software behind the hardware in this case will be BlackBerry’s own BlackBerry 10.3 OS.

GSM Arena also reports that the device is called Blackberry Q20 as well, and features all the standard connectivity functions such as Bluetooth or WiFi, even NFC and 4G LTE. However, we are still waiting for some official information regarding the HDMI port and whether or not it will have one. Also missing are the details for the both the frontal and rear cameras.

The device will come out somewhere during November, much later than the release of its opponent, the BlackBerry Passport, which will reportedly hit the shelves on the 24th of September. Unlike the high-end potential BlackBerry Passport, the BlackBerry Classic will feature a mid range, low budget price that will make the device much more accessible.

There aren’t a lot of details out at the moment about the BlackBerry Classic, but as fans continue to wait with patience, they can check out the leaked images over at CrackBerry, and see for themselves just exactly how low-budget the device is. | 

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