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Boggle type game is never boring. With the advent of smartphones/tablets, these games started appearing on them last decade. I should say with the advent of Internet these games appeared much earlier online in the 90’s. Windows DOS boggle was quite popular as well. But the touch interface adds a new beauty to the game. Be it swiping on touch devices or using a mouse or keyboard this game is fun and more and more versions of it appears every month. Every computer programmer with an access to the dictionary can develop one. Being that the case, a few big time developing companies and even a solo developer has made one that’s more enjoyable.

It has storyline to it in many cases, lots of in-game challenges, competing live with others and ranking among them by scores are the boggle of this decade. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Free ones for Android, IOS, Facebook and Windows 8, in no particular order.

WordHero for Android –


WordHero is a boggle type game from Sven Studios, developed by an Independent developer. The game is available on Google play and was a featured app last year. It is not available for the low screen resolution phones, but you can still play once you download and install its APK.

The first time you open the game, you need to register the username of your choice and your email. This is done once for a device. You can login with that username on another device.

Game structure:

The game structure is, everyone plays the same game at a time. There are hundreds of people playing at the peak time. The time limit for each game is 2:30 minutes. Every game is started automatically regardless of you playing it. You may join the game at 45 seconds or need to wait few seconds to start a new game.

The board metrics:

As you play, you see the letter having a green dot if used once, and a yellow dot for more than that. Every letter has a number to it, when made a word it adds up to the score. You can rotate the board to get a different view.

Word review:

As soon as the timer ends, you are taken to a scoreboard. You see the total score you made with the words to review. You see your list of words and their points on the left and the list of words you didn’t find for that board on the right sorted descending with their score points. You can tap on each word to see how it is made on the board.


You are taken to a ranking screen after few seconds at the scoreboard. You can slide the screen to go back to scoreboard or profile. Ranking screen displays your standing against others who played the same board. The highest scorer with total word count is ranked 1 and moving down with the score.


You can slide the scoreboard screen to see your profile that displays statistics of games you played so far. You also get to see the words with highest points you made, and other data. You can play it on other devices, phone or tablet and still maintain one profile that collects data for the games you played so far.

This game is addictive. The secret sauce is the ranking and where you stand among others. What words others made. On the ranking screen you see a best word chosen for each player, so you can see what word that is. You get to learn new words, the long words especially. This would be a good 30 minutes spent.

The developer has made a variation of this game – Anagram Hero. That’s exactly similar, but instead of finding any words, you find a word’s anagram. I never tried it.

Wordament for Windows 8, Windows phone and IOS –


Wordament is exactly similar to Wordhero. But it’s for Windows 8, Windows phone, Xbox and IOS. It is from Microsoft Games. There are more users playing concurrently with you, that’s the bonus here, as it gathers all the users from various platforms.

You can rotate the board, see the list of words as you find them, and a list of words you didn’t find after the time is up. Related words list to the ones you made is shown. The statistics keeps a track of your average seconds spent on a word, average word length. You do have to register the first time with just your email, a random unique username would be assigned to you, you can change it though.

Time limit on a board is 2 minutes. Then everything you see here is on Wordhero as well, except the dots on each letters. But you got better statistics, more players and is powered by Microsoft servers. Not that the previous game is sluggish. But that’s only available for Android.

Words of Wonder for Facebook –

words of wonder

This game, Disney Words of Wonder is from Playdom. This has a story line that spans across many episodes. The game structure is similar to Candy crush saga, with all the levels and episodes. It is more than a boggle. So if you are looking for just the boggle, this game isn’t for you.

The big difference in this game is that, the words once made gets disappeared, and new letters fills the tile. This is not a 4X4 grid. The second is, not all games have a time limit, they have moves count. Let’s say, you have to complete a level with only 30 moves. Third, if you make a 4 or 5 letter word, the last letter of the word, turns into a booster letter/tile. Make 6, another booster, make 7, an another one…Last letter booster when incorporated into a word, clears the nearer squares giving you more points. 6 letter word booster, clears the horizontal/vertical line it stays. There are more. Fourth, you play with your Facebook friends, see their scores on each levels. Lastly, the scores equals to stars. More score gets the maximum 3 stars.

Elements and game play:

The game board has elements – tile, ink and quills.

Every square a letter occupies is a tile. A level say, requires you to remove 45 tiles to complete it. You just make words, it disappears or clears that tile. It’s simple as that.

The ink on a board is required to be removed to complete a level. You do it by making words from the letters that are on ink.

There are quills on the board, the objective is to bring them to the bottom of the board, so they gets removed. You do it by making words below the quill, so as the letters gets disappeared, the quill will drop to square below one by one.

There are ink bottles blocking letters. You need to make a word with letter above the ink bottle, to drop it. This moves the letters blocked down to the ink tiles. You then need to remove the inks. This could go on and on…

So you are focused to find a word somehow from a limited letters that are on ink or below the quills to complete that level. There’s no new game every 3 minutes or players playing concurrently with you. But every level has an objective – be it clear all inks, drop x quills or to score a certain point within a time period.

Energy and virtual currency:

You keep playing till you have lives left. The life refill is also similar to Candy crush saga, but with a change. The life is energy, it isn’t a plain lives left. The energy levels adds up one by one, every 3 minutes or so. A game will take away 10 lives. So if you failed to clear ink or remove quills off the board in a limited moves the game is over, but with an option to continue the game, again similar to Candy crush saga. You can continue the game for a certain gold currency. You also get additional time boosters, extra moves, so on…  with the gold currency.

This game in a nutshell, is a boggle crush, the candies are the letters here. The game is released earlier this year.

The highlight of the game is, when you move through the letters to make a word, any real word found would make the letters shake. You may find many long words this way. Just keep dragging the mouse till you find that 7 letter word.


There is a boggle type game for everyone on every platform. All these are addictive and this decade’s best boggle fun.

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