Boot Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Into Recovery Mode Using This Simple Tutorial

Every phone comes with something called Recovery Mode. This is a special function that provides tweakers and power users with much more options. The Recovery Mode is very helpful when dealing with tasks that exceed the day to day “call and change the wallpaper” usage, therefore it is understandable why most average users wouldn’t have any information about it. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to get the Recovery Mode on your Galaxy S3 ready to go.

If you poke your nose too much, you might manage to accidentally wipe clean your whole data, so it is more than recommended that you make a backup for all your important files. Be sure to back up everything you might really be bummed out about losing, as it will only take a second anyway. Now that backup is out of the way, we may proceed to the actual process.

Entering Recovery Mode

The first thing you have to do is turn off the device. Next reboot it, but instead of booting it like you normally do, by holding down the Power button, use the Power, Home and Volume Up keys altogether. Hold these three buttons down until the phone boots. If you’ve installed a custom recovery on your phone, the device will redirect you to that specific recovery, but in case you didn’t, the standard recovery mode for your Galaxy S3 will pop up.

There are a lot of different options put at your disposal after you’ve entered Recovery Mode. For instance, you can do a full factory reset, and wipe your phone’s data clean, like I pointed out above, to mark the importance . It is also a very useful if you intend on flashing a custom ROM or firmware on your device. Commanding the phone through your computer via a USB cable is possible if you use the Debug Bridge feature found in the Recovery Mode. Being more than just an average Android user means performing tasks that usual users wouldn’t even think about. It’s pretty safe to say that the Recovery Mode is your first step into dwelling into the confines of your device, uncovering all its secrets. Not only will you become more familiar with all the possibilities offered by the Android operating smartphones, but you can also find solutions to a lot of problems within the Recovery Mode.

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