Can you unlock Linkedin and find people’s email and other information? Well a tool named Sell Hack just lets you do that!

sellhack the domain, just registered today (01/04/2014) is on viral and with a surprise, That is, Linkedin responded today within few hours of the tool going live, with a plan to send cease and desist letter. Linkedin is so quick to take action, but’s homepage looks professional like the startup page if you will, with some good work put into it. Linkedin also warned people to not to use the banned in a day tool.

So what does? It’s a browser extension/plugin for the most part. When installed and went to any Linkedin profile, you will see a “Hack in” button after send inmail. On clicking that, you will see that profile’s email(s). Which is one of the many reason, people go pro on Linkedin. The tool gets email for any person. Why would anyone want to get a person’s email address this way? So many other reasons eh besides professional?

The plugin, not sure how long it took for them to develop for across the browsers, works on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Not sure about Opera or Internet Explorer, but you can request for one from the install page, (Hopefully if this tool survives the cease and desist)

To try out the tool before it’s gone, ¬†with your known colleagues, go to,

1. Click on Install Sell Hack Extension (image above the post)

2, You will be brought up with options to choose for what browser that you want it installed. Choose a browser, you will see instructions how to proceed, for chrome you need to grant access to use your Linkedin data, No icons are added to the address bar.

This gets interesting to see how the plugin works behind the scenes…

sellhack install options

3. Now let the hacking begin.., If the tools works correctly, it should display the email of any profile you are on, it doesn’t have to be your connection. I am going to check the profile of a reality show contestant who starred in The Apprentice LA, in 2007. We exchanged about 1 emails, so let me check if it’s the one he still uses…


4. You see the Hack in button there, it’s what you click on to see this person’s email and other contact details… It may throw up some error, but keep refreshing till you get to a progress screen like below,

sellhack on its work

5. Once the job is finished you see a copy all button and email(s) that is(are) verified, in my case it says it cant verify the emails. But click on Copy all, to copy all the emails associated with this person… The emails are now revealed… It displayed not just one email, but a list.

sellhack results

That’s it…

This tool may work today and may not when you are reading this… I just want to log this moment when it worked, to see if it works now or not and it did. Hoping that Linkedin and SellHack can come in peace and do something about it. Maybe reveal stuffs other than email that is not seen as that of a privacy concern… They got a site that looks really good and a logo. all that faqs. They also have a membership, that when you signup I dont know will have your searches performed by them? But still not sure how they are going to come in peace with Linkedin. No source yet on theirs cease and desist letter news…

Till then, don’t abuse, just use it for your professional purpose. None likes to get spam email on their work email.

[via Yahoo Tech]

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