Candy Crush Saga Apk 1.15.0 download

A good reason to download app APK file instead of directly downloading it to your device from Google play store, is you don’t have to connect to your Google account on your device. This could be useful if your device, tablets mostly, is new and you are yet to connect the device to your Google account or you don’t have a Google account.

As soon as you power on your new tablet or a 7″ phone, you are prompted to connect your device with your Google account or signup to one. Connecting to your Google account connects you to your Gmail, Youtube, Search, Google play store and more…

If that the case, you skip connecting your device, then downloading app’s APK lets you quickly run the app.

There are also cases that you just bought a new tablet or phone to play games, and you don’t want to connect that device with your Google account.

Anyway, candy crush saga is the popular game on Android at the moment with 10 to 50 million users worldwide. That much users on Android alone. There’s a good chance that, many don’t even have a Google account yet.

Just taking a look at Candy crush saga’s version update roll out, there has been 5 versions in 2 months. Surprisingly downloading it’s APK would let you update it from then on. The current version is 1.15.0, which is released today!

The Game


Candy crush sage has about 395 levels, and I have already written a quick, commonly observable facts about the game. In addition to that, I have also shared a post on how to see what every level looks like. I love the game very much. I am on the level 102, and struggling with it for weeks. I paid a good amount of money on the power ups, but after listening to a good advice from my buddy, I stopped paying. She never paid at all, and she is on the level 160+ on one Facebook account and on 116 level on the other. She never paid at all and won twice as much on the difficult levels on her 2 accounts.

The good thing about candy crush saga’s android or IOS version is that, it lets you synchronize your levels with the Facebook account. You could finish one level on your android phone, and play for hours on your Facebook account and resume it back again on your phone.

So there’s a reason to download Candy crush saga APK, and if you can download it and have it updated automatically when there a new update, then why not?

Download Candy crush saga 1.15.0 APK here.

It’s on a Google drive. It can’t run an anti-virus scan for this file size. But it’s free of virus. But it downloads faster. If you are in a doubt, I am sharing a mirror of it hosted on

Download Candy crush saga 1.15.0 APK – Mirror 2 here

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