Candy crush saga levels thumbnails


Candy crush saga is one of the biggest game on Facebook, Google play and Apple appstore. owned by Ltd has done an excellent job with a puzzle game creating a storyline, 395 levels, rich graphics, sounds and social integration. I cannot believe I have already spent $60 and still on level 71. Not just me, it’s one of the top 5 grossing app on Google play and Apple appstore. With that said I am eager to know what other levels look like.

Because the only way to find that out is to get to that level by progressing through levels one at a time. But it’s a slow process of progressing through each levels. So I found a way to look what other levels look like through a thumbnail image, but unfortunately it’s so small. You will have to enlarge it on your browser to see it big enough.

So the level’s thumbnail images are located at,

That’s the current last level as of this moment. They may add more levels.

So, to see what each levels look like, just change the X to the level number you want to see in the link format below,

if your level is 163, the link to type in your browser will be

It’s ok that they are small, you can enlarge to say 400% and see something that’s familiar. The zoomed level 395 looks like,


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