Candy Crush Saga with Clash of Clans Top Apps From The Market

A new report from Midia Research claims that the application market can be classified as a “superstar economy” because of its huge amount of sales. The market is dominated by just a few very powerful companies that mainly release freemium games.

If you’re an iOS or Android user, you are surely not that surprised by this data, since the Google Play Store and Apple App Store come with a great number of apps (more than 1 million apps available).

Midia took this research to another level by taking over 700 apps and examined them: the 700 apps are a result of taking every Top 50 apps on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and Canada. Naturally, some did overlap.

After examining these apps and what company they originate from, the research had concluded that 81% of the 700 apps come from just 50 companies, in the case of both stores. Not only that, but they saw that 105 companies are responsible for the App Store’s Top 350 apps, whereas on Google Play the Top 350 was occupied by only 81 companies.

What Midia studied afterwards is what type of app predominates the app market, and they concluded that 84.9% of the top 700 apps are games. Next in line comes social networking with a procentage of only 4.1, next would be dating with 3.9% and travelling apps with 2.3%.

The authors, Karol Severin and Mark Mulligan state: “The impact of games is doubly strong because no other genre of apps has learned how to make in-app payments work as effectively as games companies have. The app economy is, for now at least, a games economy.”

We further read: “Finnish developer Supercell spends a reported $1million a day on app marketing and generates $5 million a day in revenue. These dynamics further bias the market to those with the deepest pockets.”

The two authors also found out some “super powers”, as they would call it, in this rockstar economy. We can see that 75% of the top apps in Sweden are developed by King (the Candy Crush Saga owners) and Mojang is also quite successful with the game Minecraft.

Supercell actually made over $892 million on sales from just two games in the game of 2013. Also in 2013, King made 1.9 billion dollars from sales.

Midia also researched how the music apps act in the app market. It is their belief that, while the top 700 apps only has 1% of music app, that this market is underestimated. They say: “Music is a forgotten backwater of the app economy that is ignored by its bigger names. These apps, such as PocketTube, Instatube, mTube, along with free downloaders like Download Free, Free Music, Free Music Downloader, Free Music Download Pro are the new face of music piracy.”


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