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Can you unlock Linkedin and find people’s email and other information? Well a tool named Sell Hack just lets you do that! the domain, just registered today (01/04/2014) is on viral and with a surprise, That is, Linkedin responded today within few hours of the tool going live, with a plan to send cease and desist letter. Linkedin is so quick to take action, but’s homepage looks professional like the startup page if you will, with some good work put into it. Linkedin also warned people to not to use the banned in a day tool. So what does?

MuteTab for chrome stops all opened tab’s and background audio

You open Chrome to find that it didn’t shutdown well and reopens all the tab, sounds like a good feature. But what if all those tab’s videos and other flash objects starts playing audio? You may open each tab that’s playing an audio, thanks to the audio playing indicator on the tab, and pause it or close the tab. For once it’s alright. This could get cumbersome after sometimes. MuteTab for chrome is exactly made for this. Chrome team has

Control Firefox with this Mouse Gestures extension

Mouse gesture is a way of making mouse movements to draw lines or curves from different directions on the screen to operate certain commands on browsers, desktops etc… You can customize it with the gesture of your choice. Mouse gestures extensions for the browsers started surfacing on the internet since 2008 with Opera already comes with it. Since then there are programs specific for certain apps like Gmail and more. Firegestures is a mouse gestures extension for Firefox. It requires

Customize Chrome’s new tab screen

The default Chrome browser’s new tab has apps and most visited web pages which is bought into view by sliding the page. This isn’t customizable at all. The good news is, extension developers have made some really slick and useful page that replaces the new tab. The new tab has been customized to look like Windows 8 metro UI, as a bookmark speed dial and a feed reader. Read on to find and choose what you want your new tab

Auto save texts on text boxes on websites and retrieve even if the window closes unexpectedly

There is this frustrating moment in everyone’s life – you spend a good 15 minutes writing on a comment box on a website, for some reason the window closes and you loose all what you have written. Every website can’t have what Gmail has. Gmail fortunately saves whatever you type on the compose box as a draft. With a Firefox extension, every website can be made to take draft locally on your hard disk. The extension is Textarea Cache, and

Get Windows 8 experience on Chrome

Windows 8 metro interface start screen is the biggest addition and a daring move by the Windows Team at Microsoft. It still isn’t well received by the desktop users as it was designed with tablet and phone users in the mind. I don’t know. Windows team should have decided that they are going to roll out this change to every Windows 8 users. This is why they brought back the start button in the Windows blue 8.1 after listening to

Fix “Synchronizing feedly v.14.0. Please wait……”

Feedly was working fine till yesterday, until it didn’t even load the home page and froze with a page that said “Synchronizing feedly v.14.0. Please wait……….” Mine is version 14.0.482. I looked at the frozen page’s html and it only has all the javascripts to authenticate the sessions and the body tag has the html code for the “please wait”. It’s a common reasonable thing to download the latest version. So I went to the Firefox Feedly addon page, Alternatively

Copy all open tabs URL on firefox

Copy URLs Expert is an addon for Firefox that lets you copy URLs of all the tabs that are opened to your clipboard. This also has an option to copy all the links on a selected contents. Say you hit Ctrl+A and select all the contents, it can copy all the URLs, be it any link – images, videos, archives… This is the first plugin of it’s kind, with an ability of copying links and formatting it the way you

Read ePub files on Firefox

Reading ePub files was only possible with a desktop application so far. Any ePub files on the internet would have to be downloaded before reading it with a reader app. Windows 8 store has a reader app as well, but most prefer reading it with application such as Calibre or convert it to PDF. With ePUB reader extension for firefox, reading ePub is just like reading PDF but without any additional software to install. As the extension description page says,

Disable right-click forbidden messages

There are sites that has their right-click disabled. You can’t right-click to see the context menu but an alert message saying that the right-click is disabled. They mainly do that to avoid plagiarism so you don’t right-click to get a context menu, select a portion or all portion of their content and copy it. This disabling lets them to save their content from being scrapped and pasted on some site who doesn’t use the copy shortcut key on their keyboard.

Animated Gifs on Facebook on the client side with Userscript

Before getting to this client side animatedĀ GIFs that only you can see, or your friends who has this greasemonkey script(below in this article) enabled, let’s see how people are posting animated GIFs on their Facebook wall at the moment, How people post Animated GIFS on their Facebook wall There are a couple of Facebook apps that lets you upload animated GIFs picture exploiting an rendering bug on Facebook. That is because you can’t upload animated GIFs and have it animated

Firefox blocks Silverlight plugin 5.1.10411.0

Recently Firefox blocked Java plugin as it was vulnerable, but the new version of it was released quickly and that resolved the issue. Now it’s time for Silverlight. Silverlight plug-in version 5.1.10411.0 has been blocked and warned that it is vulnerable and should be updated. . I remember when Firefox blocked the Java plugin, I just hit the “click here to activate” and continued with it, untill I decided one day it’s time now to do something about it. So

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