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How to Create a PDF in 2 Easy Steps

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PDF, one of the most convenient file formats for sharing electronic files, is suitable for almost any type of file. It is especially handy when used for documents created in some specialized software that most average computer users don’t have. For example, when a PDF is created from a format such as AutoCAD’s DWG, everyone can view it on their computer, regardless of whether they have AutoCAD installed or not. There are many tools for PDF creation. There are also

Convert video files to mp3 with Audacity

Downloading videos from video sites, (skip to conversion to start converting) There are quite a few websites to download Youtube videos to your hard disk, is one such website I use. Video download helper for Chrome does a good job of downloading videos from Vimeo, etc …but not Youtube. Video Download helper (same name as Chrome extension, but different author) for Firefox is a decent video downloader supporting almost all of the video sites, but that’s not available for

Create animated GIFs from videos

I wrote an article before, on how to create a Selected portion of the screen GIF image (Image above). This is called cinemagraph GIFs. That image is created with an IOS app which lets you select the portion of the video that you want animated in your final GIF output. The app is Echograph. Vimeo acquired it and is still planning on how to make a good use of it. Since that app is only available to use on iPad

Convert big PDF presentations back to powerpoint file

Earlier I talked about how to convert presentation PDF files back to their powerpoint PPTX format. But that tool had a limitation of only accepting PDF of file size upto 5Mb. Now wave goodbye to these limitations and welcome a smartphone app, that converts PDF to PPTX, DOC and XLS right on your mobile phone, without needing to upload PDF files and bothering about compressing it to comply with the file size limitation. The app is Able2Extract Mobile. As said

Convert presentation PDF back to Powerpoint PPT easily

It’s becoming a normal way that most of the Conference presenters shares his/her Powerpoint or Keynote presentation in the PDF format. This is mainly because you don’t have to have Powerpoint or Keynote to view them. Since everyone can download a light weight PDF reader if they haven’t got already on their Computers to view a PDF file, this is getting more and more of a normal way of sharing presentation slides. But what if you would like to have

online conversion network – Cometdocs

We have seen a siimple file conversion tool that lets you send the file via email to be converted, Zamzar. We have seen an online all-in-one conversion site that lets you convert all kinds of files from one screen, Now we are going to see a network of conversion sites, Cometdocs. Instead of hosting all the conversion tool from a single website, this is a network of independent conversion sites. For example when you want to convert docx to

All in one Online file converter

While there are several good options for file converters out there, the best converters aren’t actually all in one converters at all, but instead specialize in specific formats. If you’re looking for a great all around converter for media files, one of the best ones in my view is XVID. It’s a comprehensive file converter and video codec that let’s you easily assemble your videos and display them on any device. Click the link to the right to try it

Viewing Amazon kindle ebook on PC & converting it to pdf

Amazon’s Kindle for PC app lets you view all the kindle ebooks you bought or got it for free, right on your PC without Kindle. The app remembers the last page you were on, on a book before closing it. You can lookup words, highlight and take notes and get book facts within the app. There is a bookmark feature to bookmark pages and manage them. WhisperSync  button that looks like a refresh button, lets you sync activity on this

Online file format conversion this simple

Even if there are a lot of online file conversion sites out there, till now I have been using Google docs to convert docx files to pdf, and other site to convert youtube videos to mp3. So there isn’t one solution that solves all the conversion needs. Enter, which is the all in one file conversion site that allows converting files into any desirable format for free upto to 100 mb. The free version is enough for a quick