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Top 10 Google Tips and Tricks with Gorgeous Features

Top 10 Google Tips and Tricks with Gorgeous Features

With millions of people hitting the Google search engine home page every day, many may have not known that there exists a plethora of amazing features and tricks on this Web site. Even if Google’s search engine is accessed by millions of people every day, there are a lot of amazing tricks that people do not know about.  Do a Barrel Roll This trick was first mentioned in an article from Gizmopod. To make the trick work you have to write “do a barrel

Google Glass Demo Test of Latest Update

Google Glass Demo Test

There have been opened a few Google offices in San Francisco, LA, and New York for people to go and get a Google Glass experience. Google has send e-mails on Wednesday to people that want to buy the Google Glasses to come and get a free demo of what Google Glass works like. There will be a Glass guide which will answer every question you have about the product. The only thing you have to do if you want to

Fallout 4 Dismissed Release Rumors by Bethesda Breaks Hopes

Fallout 4

A lot of people have been talking about a possible Fallout 4 release at the Gamescom event this year, which is taking place in Cologne, Germany. While these were just rumors, Bethesda made it clear that we are not going to see these rumors coming to life. A fan of the Fallout series asked Pete Hines (who is the vice president of Bethesda Softworks) if the Fallout 4 will be released at Gamescom. The tweet from Hines completely dismissed this

Google databoard lets you create custom infographics from their research library

Google Think Insights has a Databoard that quickly lets you browse research studies(only mobile shopping available presently) and lets you create a custom infographic that you can share and embed on your websites. To start with, click on any main topics, shown in the image above. Mobile search moments, the new multi-screen world, mobile in-store research and our mobile planet, to go its page. Now pick the sub topic you want, it then takes to a page where you can

Dashfolio – an Analytics analyzer

Dashfolio is a new service from the company that created Flippa and 99designs. It is a dashboard that summarizes analytics data showing a bird eye view of the key performance metrics. You can sign in with your Google account. Weekly Traffic and other key metrics The metrics you see first is the weekly traffic data. While every analytics shows you monthly, Dashfolio shows weekly. It’s something most of us webmaster don’t always take a look at. sample dashfolio report page,

Nexus 7 arrives at the Google play store India

After the long wait since September of last year Google play store of India, now has its first device Nexus 7. It’s priced at Rs.16000 and is cheaper than any supplier currently available selling this for Rs.2000 to Rs.4000 more. It’s finally worth the wait getting this from Google. The shipping delivery is just one week wait. People that attended Google I/O conference last year got this along with Google Q for free. And those that can’t wait ordered it

Go to Images Directly from Google Image search

A Google Image search result click, will show up a preview, to view the original image from there. This feature is useful if you are searching for an image and the related images on the right would be helpful. Google Images has changed the display of the image preview with its new version of the layout. The new design is good, as it dynamically gets the preview of each image. Sometimes an extra click to get to the actual image

View photos from place you are going to visit

Sometimes it’s better to have glimpse of a place before you decide to visit. Let’s say you are going to visit Pondicherry, India. Would you like to look some pictures of place and even better have it on a map, zoom and see pictures available taken from that street? Enter Panoramio, a photo sharing community that remembers the location exactly to its geo coordinates to show you pictures taken on a particular area on the map, zoom in to see

Google play books App comes to India

Despite the much awaited other Google play features such as music and nexus, Google Books comes to India. The app can be download from the spotlight area or from here. Competing with Kindle, Nook and other ebook readers, Google with its Books is doing well so far. It’s a tablet owners rejoice, and not bad for the phone users. Although Google books have been in the market for years now, it’s today that it’s been released in India and writing

Google’s next step towards smarter search – knowledge graph for US English Users

You don’t have to be in the US to check out this new Google’s Knowledge graph feature for the search.Though this feature is rolled out to only those who are using Google in US english, if your language is US english already, you can check this for yourself when your search for celebrities, name of places, sports team, movies, art work, geographical locations etc… You can think this of a rich summary put together by the collective intelligence of the

Google self driving car gets a driver license will soon be on streets

Quick introduction – self-driving cars and laws There have been a lot of autonomous/driverless cars or vehicles around now for years, dating back to 1939 with GM starting first to several builders from Mercedes-Benz, DARPA Volkswagen, etc… The self-driving cars are used for projects or challenges, say to successfully drive as long as 3000 miles with autonomous accuracy of 97%-99% or to complete a 7 mile race among other of these cars on a tough track at the DARPA Grand Challenge.

Google’s Mothers day doodle done with javascript css sprite animation similar to Martha Graham’s

Belated/Advanced Happy Mothers Day! Google starts the Mothers day celebration with an affectionate greeting doodle. An animated doodle, that starts playing on opening the homepage. Its done with a sprite image and a javascript animating frame by frame by positioning a portion of the sprite image(frame) by changing the position with CSS just like the way Martha graham’s doodle was done. :The sprite image used is, Click image to view full size (960px x 839px) Many would wonder can

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