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Web Design Mastery Review: Is It Really The Best Web Design Training Course?

Have you always wanted to design and build your own website, but weren’t sure how or where to get started? If so, then Web Design Mastery might be right for you. In this review, I’ll go over why this course is consistently ranked as one of the best beginning web design training courses available. What Is Web Design Mastery? First, let’s start with what, exactly, is Web Design Mastery and why it’s been so effective at teaching beginners how to

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites: The Top 3 Netflix Alternatives of 2015

best free online movie streaming websites

Want to watch movies online? This is the post for you. While there are tons of websites for streaming tv and videos, the sad reality is that most of them suck, and few have a good selection of new movies that you actually want to see. In this post I’ll go through my top 3 picks for the best free movie streaming sites, all of which are good Netflix alternatives for those who, like me, are tired of watching the same

What Is The Best Premium WordPress Theme of 2015? The Answer Revealed

best premium wordpress theme video

Much has been said about WordPress themes and much information given about high-end themes that people would like to use. There are those who love colorful themes that help in creating websites that could help them have more people who may be attracted. But if you are not bothered by the bells and whistles that come with most themes perhaps it’s time you looked for simple clean themes, themes that are responsive and functional or funnel themes, then perhaps you

Easily convert PDF with tables to Excel

If you ever wanted to convert tables in your PDF document to Excel format, it’s simpler now. PDF to Excel converter lets you do this. It converts all the table’s row and columns into excel fields, that you can add formulas and work with that data. The fields maybe a little way off,  a 2 columns off for example, but with a little editing you can have your workable Excel sheet in your hand for further data manipulation. Say if you

Compare two texts, proofread and find minor unnoticeable errors

Ever tried proofreading for hours to see little errors slip by? Even for the trained human eyes, it’s common to make mistakes. and it’s nothing to sweat about. We all do once in a while. This is where a machine text comparison comes in handy. Text compare is one such web program, that compares two different versions of the same texts and lists the difference . so nice, that you can spot the errors easily. Click on the link above

Remember long numbers with words

Remembering long numbers can be a daunting job. Even if you can, there’s a good chance you will mix up. Try PI value. Most of us can remember only few digits after the decimal, I can only recall up to 3.141. That doesn’t matter to us at all, when we need to remember the new credit card number. Let’s try to remember the PI value for this demonstration – 3.14159265359. Strip off the decimal point, so it is now 314159265359. That’s a 12 digit number

When Youtube video’s views gets frozen and is stuck at a same count

Well, if that’s the case what’s that video? It is, It’s Nike’s new Advertisement that’s been uploaded to Youtube only less than 2 days ago, at 21st August. It got a 1.4 million views already. But it’s frozen, stuck at a view count of 1,471,404. We all know that after watching a video its view count doesn’t immediately increase. There is a lag or latency. (source: Google Developers – Youtube) The lag, as you can see in the image above

Facebook like inline translation

Facebook’s inline translation is an AJAX, Javascript and PHP combination powered by Bing translator. How does Facebook inline translation work? (Technical stuff follows…) When you click “See Translation,” for a non-english texts, it sends a request to a php file, translate_comment.php, with parameters such as comment id, user id, and other unrecognizable ones like ft_ent_identifier and so on. The full link would look like,[0]=534056496642928_5273529&source=1&__user=1379503789&__a=1 You can watch what happens behind the scenes with HttpFox for Firefox and with developer tools

Hide Zip or Rar file into an image – Steganography

Steganography or stego in short, is hiding a file within another file or technically, embedding a data file in a carrier file. You can hide an archive within an image. The app I am going to talk about, that does this is Steganography, named after the technique itself. The were similar stego apps floating on the internet way before 2007 that does this cryptic file hide. This technique could be useful to send files that are secret. Even if the

OverApi – a cheat sheet of programming languages library

OverApi is a birds eye view of programming languages library. The popular languages are listed on the featured like section on the top and the remaining ones are listed as per alphabetical order, on the home page. Selecting any programming language, gives you that view of everything library. For instance selecting Python the page looks like, You see all the build-in functions on one page categorized by their type. Each of these functions are linked to the programming language documentation

An auto summarization tool – Free Summarizer does a decent job of summarizing.

Automatic summarization is a topic that has research going on for over a long time now. The auto summarization program has two primary methods of summarizing. Extraction and abstraction. The former is a technique that extracts portions of texts which it sees as important and summarizes while maintaining the original sentence order. While the later one, changes the original with its artificial intelligence to produce a more concise summary. Abstraction is the field where all the research is being carried

Digg reader, is it a better RSS reader?

When Google reader was announced that it’s going to be shutdown, I like, most of the people, went to Feedly. The good thing Google does with any product it’s sun setting is it gives a grace time to take a backup of everything in over a month period. Google reader has been discontinued this week, after the grace period. Feed demon a desktop RSS reader, has been discontinued as well, as it solely depended on Google reader. With that Feedly

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