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Nexus 5 (2014) Details And Google Collaboration With Nestle For Android Lion


Google has announced its newest Android L operating system at a developer conference, but was pretty reserved in terms of sharing details, therefore users are still in the blank when it comes to some key aspects, such as the final name of the new Android build. A lot of leaks have surfaced since the OS’s announcement, and the most recent ones point towards a collaboration between Google and Nestle. These speculations come after recent leaks surfaced with the new Android

New Moto X, Moto G And Moto 360 Got Released In Several Countries, Price Revealed


The New Moto X And Moto G, which were rumoured to go by the names Moto X+1 and Moto G2 respectively, have been finally released after being unveiled not that long ago. The US is now joined on the list of countries that benefited from the release of these devices by European states, and more. The classy Moto 360 smartwatch shouldn’t be overlooked, as it two managed to get released in the US, with promises of a UK release next

BlackBerry Classic Brings Back The QWERTY Keyboard, Specs And Release Date Leak


Multiple leaked pictures show the upcoming BlackBerry Classic device, which will feature the trademarked BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard. It isn’t the only device  in the works, as pictures of another device from BlackBerry, called the BlackBerry Passport, have also leaked earlier. Back in June, during an event that focused on showcasing the BlackBerry Passport, the CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen, also confirmed the existence of a device called the BlackBerry Classic. However, due to the fact that the Passport was the

New Leaks For The BlackBerry Classic


With the BlackBerry Classic, BlackBerry is practically offering a treat to those who still prefer physical QWERTY keyboards on their devices instead of virtual on-screen keyboards. The BlackBerry brand is best known for its classy QWERTY devices, but a pretty large portion of consumers left that style behind due to the increasing popularity of touch screen smartphones that utilize virtual on-screen keyboards. BlackBerry itself adopted the trend, releasing some touch screen devices as well. However, back in June, BlackBerry, through

Fallout 4 Apparently Delayed, New Details Surface


The Fallout franchise has the support of a large community that is continuously growing, eagerly anticipating the release of the successor for the very successful Fallout 3, which is the last launched instalment. The highly expected Fallout 4 , despite the on-going rise in follower numbers, is yet to make any official appearance. The fans of the game have been patiently waiting for quite some time now, as they continue to be left in the dark regarding the development of

Motorola Announces Several Products, New Moto X And New Moto G Instead Of X+1 And G2, And More


Although everyone was expecting the release of a new Motorola device called the Moto X+1, it seems like the manufacturer had other plans in terms of branding, therefore the name of the device is the New Moto X, instead of the X+1. The new model offers some cool improvements, amongst which is the metal frame of the device, as The Verge points out. The design of the device greatly benefits from the metal finish, as it gives it a boost

Moto 360 Stock Refresh Coming Soon, Original Stock Depleted Within Hours


An event taking place in Chicago was the host for Motorola‘s newest gadgets. At this event, the manufacturer not only unveiled two of its very anticipated smartphone devices, the Moto X and the Moto G, but also its newest addition to the gadget roster, the Moto 360, which is Motorola’s take on the smartwatch device everyone wants a piece of lately. The Moto 360 managed to sell all the available units in a matter of hours of its release on

Minecraft PS3 And PS Vita Upgrade Breakdown


If you are having trouble figuring out  how the upgrading from the PS3 and PS Vita to the PS4 works exactly, Sony has took some time to explain how things go. As revealed by Sony and further on reported by Playstation Lifestyle, those who are in possession of a PS3 console and have the PS3 edition of Minecraft either from the online market place or as a retail, physical copy disk, must have the same Sony account on both the

New Release Date Rumours For Fallout 4 – What Is Bethesda Planning?


News about the highly-desired Fallout 4 game are taking all kinds of turns. Previously, it was rumoured that the game will see the light of day in 2014 through development and release from Bethesda, but now it seems, according to new rumours, that Bethesda might be in fact dropping the game completely. This comes after previous rumours hinted a possible developer change behind the highly-regarded game franchise, which hasn’t seen a new release since 2008. There is a relatively fresh 

PS3 and PS4 Get Destiny Preload, Xbox One To Follow Soon


Destiny is one of the highlights in terms of gaming for this year, and it is a much anticipated title. The featured release date is the 9h of September, but the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game already received a pre-load. Users that managed to pre-order the game prior, can now get the pre-load version, and get right on to gaming once the release date arrives. The game pre-load should not be too far behind for the Xbox One

Tablet Performance Super-Boost From New Intel Core M Chip

intel_headquarters (1)

News are rolling in via Kirk Skaugen, who occupies the function of senior GM of personal computing over at Intel. The Intel official let consumers know that Intel has launched the newest instalment of the company’s processor collection. The newest Intel member, the Core M, promises to be the most energy efficient unit ever manufactured by them, as Intel specifies that the chip will only need 4.5 W. The new chip is apparently intended for three of the smart device

Apple’s iWatch- Everything You Need To Know About The Flashy Gadget


As we get closer and closer to the release date of the highly-expected iPhone 6, which maintained itself on news headlines for the better part of the last two months at least, the device starts to acquire competition in terms of hype. Not to be misunderstood, as the iPhone 6 is still a device, a huge amount of Apple fans are looking forward to it, but its status from not so long ago when it has priority over anything else

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