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How to Create a PDF in 2 Easy Steps

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PDF, one of the most convenient file formats for sharing electronic files, is suitable for almost any type of file. It is especially handy when used for documents created in some specialized software that most average computer users don’t have. For example, when a PDF is created from a format such as AutoCAD’s DWG, everyone can view it on their computer, regardless of whether they have AutoCAD installed or not. There are many tools for PDF creation. There are also

Fallout 4 Apparently Delayed, New Details Surface


The Fallout franchise has the support of a large community that is continuously growing, eagerly anticipating the release of the successor for the very successful Fallout 3, which is the last launched instalment. The highly expected Fallout 4 , despite the on-going rise in follower numbers, is yet to make any official appearance. The fans of the game have been patiently waiting for quite some time now, as they continue to be left in the dark regarding the development of

Minecraft PS3 And PS Vita Upgrade Breakdown


If you are having trouble figuring out  how the upgrading from the PS3 and PS Vita to the PS4 works exactly, Sony has took some time to explain how things go. As revealed by Sony and further on reported by Playstation Lifestyle, those who are in possession of a PS3 console and have the PS3 edition of Minecraft either from the online market place or as a retail, physical copy disk, must have the same Sony account on both the

PS3 and PS4 Get Destiny Preload, Xbox One To Follow Soon


Destiny is one of the highlights in terms of gaming for this year, and it is a much anticipated title. The featured release date is the 9h of September, but the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game already received a pre-load. Users that managed to pre-order the game prior, can now get the pre-load version, and get right on to gaming once the release date arrives. The game pre-load should not be too far behind for the Xbox One

Tablet Performance Super-Boost From New Intel Core M Chip

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News are rolling in via Kirk Skaugen, who occupies the function of senior GM of personal computing over at Intel. The Intel official let consumers know that Intel has launched the newest instalment of the company’s processor collection. The newest Intel member, the Core M, promises to be the most energy efficient unit ever manufactured by them, as Intel specifies that the chip will only need 4.5 W. The new chip is apparently intended for three of the smart device

Two New Chromebook Models And NVIDIA K1 Chips From HP


The newest processing unit made available by Intel will apparently be hosted by two new Chromebooks models. The two devices will have 11 and 14 inches respectively, and will be placed under the “affordable” category. Smaller 11 inch Chromebook has stylish design First, we’re going to take a look at the smaller, 11 inch Chromebook model, which features a few upgrades when compared with its predecessor. For starters, it will pack a new processing unit,  as the Bay Trail Celeron processor

Cortana vs Siri – Digital Assistant Battle Crosses Over To PC


Apple manage to establish a trend in the tech world by implementing a digital assistant into its device’s software. Going by the name of Siri, the digital assistant put at your disposal by Apple has managed to gather quite a fan base for itself. On the other hand, like a few others before it, Microsoft also decided to implement this feature, creating its own digital assistant named Cortana.  The digital assistant battle that started on smart mobile devices seems to

Enhance your command experience with Console

Using command prompt got a little bit comfortable with Console, It is not a Windows command enhancer addon or something like that, it is a program on its own. You can use it just like your Windows command. Multiple tabs, setting start destination on its UI, copying and pasting using keyboard shortcuts, selecting texts with mouse left and shift are some of the features. When you first start, configure the settings (Ctrl + s) with Windows default keyboard shortcuts. For

Disable Touch Screen on HP Envy notebook

Hp Envy’s responsive touch screen is what’s new along with the Windows 8. The touch feature could be useful some times and often isn’t depending on your usage. In the later case, an accidental touch could be an issue to annoyance to head ache. It’s when disabling the touch screen altogether is the only solution. Disabling touch screen on your Hp Envy notebook say Hp envy touchsmart ultrabook4 is as simple as disabling your touch screen driver. With that said,

Securely connect to any computer in the world with Jump desktop

Jump desktop is a remote connection program that lets you manage connections with a Gmail account. The connection is secure as it’s encrypted by default, and lets you connect to computers however long distant it may be located. You can access a PC or Mac with their clients installed as there are both clients available. Now when you plan your next travel be assured that all of your computers are with you with Jump desktop with 3 different ways to

Bad piggies updated to 1.1.0

After months and months of being dormant Rovio rolled out an update for Bad piggies. One thing to be noticed is that it doesn’t get updated automatically from within the Bad piggies initial version, you got to get the download link from either or from your account page. Here’s the download link, The update 1.1.0 is packed with 30 new level of “Flight in the night”. The new addition is that the pigs have to pass through

Gigabyte Thin Mini-ITX motherboards

GIGABYTE Thin-Mini-ITX motherboards are the ideal platform for today’s All-in-One(AIO) slim and small PCs. Gigabyte recently launched two thin Mini-ITX motherboards. One is GA-H77TN and the other is GA-B75TN. Let’s take a look one by one, starting with H77TN. Gigabyte GA-H77TN This mini motherboard is latest, powerful and thin and is 2.5 cm tall. It supports Intel Core i7, i5 and i3 processors and lesser. With a chipset of Intel H77 Express, it has two 1.5V DDR3 supporting up to

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