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Facebook Messenger – Best Tips And Tricks of 2014

Facebook Messenger tips

The Facebook messenger app is something most of us installed a while ago, at least people using Facebook, which means pretty much everyone. Back when it came out, you could choose to use it or not, having the integrated chat function of the Facebook app at your disposal. Now, however, the chat function has been officially cut loose, being removed from the Facebook app. The Facebook messenger remains the only way to chat with your friends on Facebook at the

Hide seen on Facebook messenger

Facebook messenger has this “seen” feature. When you see your friend’s messages but didn’t reply or forgot to reply, the message will be marked as seen followed by date and time. This can cause a little bit of trouble, when your friend didn’t get a message but know you have read their message. There’s an extension for Chrome and Firefox that blocks this “seen” feature. It’s FB Unseen. What the plugin does is blocks the seen status whenever you read

Candy crush saga levels thumbnails

Candy crush saga is one of the biggest game on Facebook, Google play and Apple appstore. owned by Ltd has done an excellent job with a puzzle game creating a storyline, 395 levels, rich graphics, sounds and social integration. I cannot believe I have already spent $60 and still on level 71. Not just me, it’s one of the top 5 grossing app on Google play and Apple appstore. With that said I am eager to know what

Adblock plus filters for a cleaner Facebook home page

Facebook home page changes a lot. It has changed quite drastically over the last year. The recent change is the shift of chat bar at the bottom right of the page to entirely right side of the screen. You can indeed hide that as well with a button that toggles between 2 views of the chat. But when clicked on the chat bar on the bottom right it opens back the chat bar on the right. Most people are ok

Know the deactivated or banned facebook profiles on your friends list

Have you been wondering who are those missing people on your friends list? Facebook now shows all of your friends count but you can’t see some in the friends list, these missing ones are either deactivated or banned profiles.What is the better way of knowing it, as they remain mysteriously on your list? You can see them by taking a look at the source code of the friends list page, their profile ID and name can be seen. But this

How to hide tweets without unfollowing?

When a person is too noisy on your twitter stream and you don’t want to unfollow them. Or whatever twitter account you want to hide without unfollowing it. You can hide those accounts and their tweets. It’s not cool when they cloud your tweet stream with their noisy tweets or whatever. Adblock plus does this job really good. You can hide as many of them as you want. To read their tweets again, disable the Adblock just on twitter and

Twitter follow button – Code and features

Twitter follow button ,an official twitter widget, a small one, lets you follow any account from the push of a button on a webpage it shows up. . The link to the button page on the Twitter’s resource page is, here:¬† It’s easy to configure the button with your username as shown in the image above. For additional features of the button, you can visit it’s documentation page here – Features such as showing the followers count can be

Get back your old facebook profile layout with this browser addon

Facebook Timeline is the new profile. Some love it, some hate it. Facebook on its FAQ page says that once you have activated the timeline layout, you have 7 days to preview it out before reverting back to the older layout. But what if you don’t act within the trial period and the timeline gets fully activated? You don’t have this problem on the Internet Explorer 6 and 7, as Timeline feature doesn’t work on IE6 or 7. This helps