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Is Really a Smart Choice? See Just Cloud Reviews, Pricing and Download Options

Ok, so you need to figure out a cloud storage and backup solution, and you somehow stumbled onto JustCloud. This is a service that I personally use, and have had no complaints with their software. It’s easy to setup, and quick to get going. Best of all: it’s free for personal users. In this review I’ll take a look at how this cloud storage site compares to other options, and why you should consider their free trial. Click the link to

How To Create Your Own Programming Language

how to create your own programming language

If you’ve ever wondered how to create your own programming language, this post is for you. While the task may sound daunting, it’s actually made easy with create your first programming language software which enables you to get underway with some series of steps. A programming language is an artificial language that is created to express computations that can be performed by the computer. Since it’s hard for human to type numbers like ‘10011001’ for creating large algorithms, programming languages can

Best SD Online Card Recovery: Card Recovery Pro Review

best sd online card recovery

Have you lost data from an SD card and are looking for the best SD online card recovery system to try to get it back? Card Recovery Pro is a leader in online SD card backups and recovering lost data. In this review, I’ll outline how it works and why it’s a good choice for getting your valuable data back. You can also click here to learn more. What Is Card Recovery Pro? Some data from a card may be

Boxshot King Review: Does This Graphic Design Software Download Live Up To The Hype?

box shot king review

Looking for a good graphic design software download but aren’t sure where to turn? In this Boxshot King Review, I’ll give an overview of what’s included in this program, and help you decide whether the Boxshot download is worth it. What Is Boxshot King? The Boxshot king software was created to make stunning graphics in under 2 minutes without the use of Photoshop as used by other graphics softwares. Many people require graphics to add on their sites but some

Nexus 5 (2014) Details And Google Collaboration With Nestle For Android Lion


Google has announced its newest Android L operating system at a developer conference, but was pretty reserved in terms of sharing details, therefore users are still in the blank when it comes to some key aspects, such as the final name of the new Android build. A lot of leaks have surfaced since the OS’s announcement, and the most recent ones point towards a collaboration between Google and Nestle. These speculations come after recent leaks surfaced with the new Android

Lumia Denim Features – What Can Be Expected From Microsoft’s New Update


The recent IFA 2014 event held at Berlin wasn’t an opportunity just for the hardware manufacturers, as software was also part of the display. Among the featured software introduction, there was the new update from Microsoft, which targets Lumia devices. Those interested in the update should know that a list of all the improvements that come with it has been made available. Microsoft also managed to introduce a new Lumia device at the same IFA 2014 event. The device was

Cortana vs Siri – Digital Assistant Battle Crosses Over To PC


Apple manage to establish a trend in the tech world by implementing a digital assistant into its device’s software. Going by the name of Siri, the digital assistant put at your disposal by Apple has managed to gather quite a fan base for itself. On the other hand, like a few others before it, Microsoft also decided to implement this feature, creating its own digital assistant named Cortana.  The digital assistant battle that started on smart mobile devices seems to

Windows Phone 8.1 Along With Lumia Cyan to Lumia Phones – Top Striking Features

Windows Phone 8.1 Along With Lumia Cyan to Lumia Phones - Top Striking Features

Starting on July 16, owners of the Windows 8 operating system will get the Lumia Cyan update, and the 8.1 windows phone update. These updates will bring Lumia’s specific features and more enhancements. The updates will be OTA (over the air). User might have to wait a bit longer if the updates are not ready on time, or to update their phone’s manually by accessing Setting>Phone update. We will show you some of the updates that will come out of

Checking HP printer cartridge’s ink level and a solution to low ink usage

There is a good post on Guardian on how the HP ink cartridge has reduced in size over the last 5 years. The main reason is their printers market share was diminishing, and they have to make cheap printers to stay in the game while recouping the cost on the ink cartridges. This has seen an increase in the printers sale as well as the increase in people buying more ink cartridges. So, how to check your HP printer cartridge’s

How to Setup Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) with Userplane

This tutorial is to connect an audio source’s output as an Userplane mic input. So that you can stream audio to Userplane directly from the source without using just the microphone that will stream the noises you make added to that is the feedback the mic receives from the speaker. Just these 2 Steps first (do it in any order), Step 1: To get started, first lets get the audio source ready. I am going to use Winamp’s output. If

Irfanview adds support for WebP

Irfanview, the simplest yet powerful image viewer and a minimal editor is one of the popular program in the image viewing/editing arena for Windows. There is no mac version of it, and the developer Irfan Skiljan isn’t planning to release one. Irfanview recently added support for WebP images in its 4.35 version update release. For now, to view and edit WebP images, Irfanview is the best program for Windows. Though many wanted it for mac, the developer can’t find time

DDownloads – a bookmark of popular apps

DDownloads is a software that helps download the most commonly used that are popular as well, directly from the source so there’s no need for searching individually and especially if the PC is brand new or you just installed Windows 8, this is the tool you need, like a bookmark for the popular programs you use. You can download it from softpedia here Note: you can only run this program as an administrator or else the program will exit