Chromebook Coming With HP Stream 14 and Asus Notebook – Top Features and Specs

HP has recently announced that it will be releasing the Stream 14 notebook, but unfortunately for them, the device won’t have an easy run on the notebook market. Recent reports place a new Asus device with the code F205FTA in the $199 price range. For the moment, questions regarding the supposedly upcoming Asus device are still at the point where people are wondering if it’s a tablet or a notebook, as no official information has been made available. However, many tend to believe it will be a notebook due to the F2 in its model number. The “F2” prefix has been usually used by Asus in the past to brand laptops, not tablets.

The device will have stiff competition in the image of the HP Stream, which comes with a 14 inch display, compared to the upcoming Asus’ screen, which will only have 11.6 inch, according to PC21, a French retailer that first revealed the device. Although it might not be tablet, the upcoming device sure has some specifications better suited for a tablet, if we are to believe the reports coming from Liliputing. The processor called out for this tablet/laptop is an Atom Z3735F Bay Trail chip. The amount of RAM that comes in support of this processing unit is 4 GB. This is where the Asus device manages to catch up with the HP Stream a little, as the second one only features 2 GB of RAM. Internal storage capacity is equivalent, as both sides provide 32 GB of internal memory.

Via ZDNet we learn that it is part of a new strategy put together by Microsoft, to release a large amount of cheap, affordable laptops running on Windows 8.1. This will supposedly manage to curb Google Chomebook’s growth clout. As you have probably anticipated by now, the two devices we are discussing are running the latest operating system from Microsoft, namely Windows 8.1. The devices that have a price tag which doesn’t exceed $250, apparently get the latest edition of Windows for free, bundled up.

Other top manufacturers in the laptop market like Dell and Lenovo have also jumped in, contributing to the large amount of budget laptops. Due to their “budget” nature, these laptops won’t wow you with their specifications, and surely won’t be able to keep up with today’s video games. Rather than gaming and heavy duty processes, they focus on delivering an acceptable level of performance for day to day use, while also keeping the price tag pretty llow.

Microsoft is in need of a viable solution for its Chromebook problem, as the Google device has reportedly started to make its way in the education system. Being available in education, it starts to put the bases of an ecosystem around students for example, and later on, they might want to stay on the same path, when choosing new devices to buy, in the Chromebook’s advantage, as well as Google’s.

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