CivCraft Minecraft – How Does Minecraft Civilization Looks Like?

If you are a Minecraft lover but you’ve also really been enjoying the Civilization game, well this is great news for you. There is a server-side mod, CivCraft, that gives you the beautiful worlds of Minecraft combined with the strategy thinking of Civilization.

The 1.0 version of the mod was released in the month of May which then was continued with a long beta period. The mod is meant to give a revolutionary experience to usual Minecraft players, where the commercial side of the game is better crafted: you can sell items to earn money and buy other items you are interested in. On the site of the mod we can read: “Combining creativity and a goal oriented experience will give players the drive to keep playing. The hard earned resources you gather are now rewarded in a complex trade driven survival economy server. We want to take the creative spirit of Minecraft and give it a competitive feeling so that players can take greater pride in their accomplishments.”

CivCraft Minecraft - How Does Minecraft Civilization Looks Like 2

We see a lot of aspects of Civilization added to the game, but some Minecraft original features are being erased from this version of the game like regular spawns, trading between villagers and both the gold and diamond armors. A tip when playing with civilizations is to not try to control everything on your own, but rather make some friends and handle the civilization together for a larger settlement and better control over the game.

You can download CivCraft from their official site. If you’re interested to see some photos from the game, you can check them up on Imgur.

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