Clash of Clans Best Tips and Tricks to Gather Resources

If you’ve just been sucked in the Clash of Clans craze, here’s a tutorial to help you get through the game. The tutorial is more beginner-oriented, but if you’re an experimented gamer you can also read it, you never know what basic trick you missed out on. Hopefully this article will help you have a pleasant gaming experience.

Saving up Gems

The first thing you should do when starting the game, at least in our opinion, is holding on to the free gems you get at first. Keep in mind that they give you a limited amount, so if you don’t want to spend your actual money on buying game currency, you will want to keep reading.

What gems will help you with is skipping on waiting to build and just get your building at that same moment. If you choose to use gems for this porpoise in the starting of the game, we strongly advise you against it. There will be moments in the long game that you will wish you just kept your gems when you didn’t need them that much.

In the beginning, as with most of other games, you go through a tutorial /guide. The character that is helping you through getting the basics will want you to give up your Gems to speed up the process of building. Here’s where you can just not do it. It won’t affect your game, and you will be left with more Gems in the long game. We told you to keep these Gems because you will need them later to buy Builders: they basically help you build and upgrade building. The game only gives you two of them, and the rest you just have to buy for yourself.

A third builder won’t be easy to save for. But we guarantee that is the best choice you can make. You will get Gems (if you don’t buy them) from Achievements or from clearing items from the base like logs, trees and rocks: from time to time they drop Gems.

The items are not expensive to clear at all and they will respawn after a period of time. So, if you keep repeating the process, you will be sure to get enough Gems for buying a third builder.

Producing Resources

We cleared the situation about Gems. Now, what you want to focus on is improving your capabilities to produce resources. In the early game, you will be found with two main resources:

  1. Gold: the Gold helps in upgrading Elixir production facilities and building structures with defensive porpoise.
  2. Elixir: the Elixir helps in upgrading Gold production facilities as well as doing research and building units

When it comes to resources, you will get two types of buildings: buildings that will produce your resources and others that will store them. For example, for Gold you will get Gold Mine to produce and the Gold Storage to store the gold. For Elixir you have Elixir Collector for production and Elixir Storage to store the Elixir.

What our suggestion is investing first in this type of buildings, because they will help you in the long run. We know you’re excited to build more fun stuff, but you’ll be crying for some resource-related buildings when you don’t have any Gold or Elixir.


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