Compare two texts, proofread and find minor unnoticeable errors

text compare

Ever tried proofreading for hours to see little errors slip by? Even for the trained human eyes, it’s common to make mistakes. and it’s nothing to sweat about. We all do once in a while. This is where a machine text comparison comes in handy. Text compare is one such web program, that compares two different versions of the same texts and lists the difference . so nice, that you can spot the errors easily.

Click on the link above to see a screen similar to the image above. You enter 2 different versions of the same text on the left and right text box respectively. You can switch the order later. It could be the content before proofread and after proofread, You can see if any mistakes made even after proofread. You can double check. The differences will be neatly laid out before the text boxes with character mistakes highlighted. But this tool isn’t the assistance for the preliminary proofread. You can use (paid tool, $29.95/mo) for spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar, plagiarism, commonly confusing words, etc… This tool, Text compare is after that initial check up.

Let’s get the 2 versions to compare now,

For this example, I am using the text that is used by Dean Evans of The raw text before the proofread is,

When Apple Corps launched their first iPhone in 2008, it didn’t dissappoint. In fact, it immediately captured the collective imagination with a geeky allure driven by Apples slick design, the phone’s smart flexibilty and it’s inovative multi-touch approach.

To get a proofread version, let me proofread myself and get that version. Then we compare these 2 versions on Text compare. I corrected 3 spelling mistakes, my chrome browser spell check helped me. I typed those words again, to avoid any errors I am unable to detect now. Now the other version is,

Now let’s compare these two on Text compare,

text compare compared


The differences are highlighted on the top of the text boxes, for you to take a look (click image for full view). You can clearly see what characters are replaced and added. Ah! there’s an another error. the punctuation mark used at the didn’t.

You can email this page to your writer or anyone that matters. as well. Overall this may seem a simple tool, but it does the machine processing of texts that we humans overlook.

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