Conduct a quiz in userplane chatroom

userplane Userplane is a flash based web chat service that AOL owns. The userplane chatrooms are the ones powering top dating site chatrooms. It has emoticons, audio/video and instant messaging which is what makes it ideal for a chatroom service. But we are going to see how you as an admin of a chatroom can pause the chatroom and then receive messages that you only can see. You can use this feature to conduct a quiz on the chatroom.

How it works

You first alert that you are the admin, if enough of the people don’t know already. Then announce that you are going to try a quiz in the room and that you will ask a question and then pause the chatroom for a minute or so. Let them know that you alone can see what people type during the period of pause. Once people understood this, you from the admin panel can pause or stop other peoples chat for a duration that you want, then you ask a question, and pause the room. See the answers that people type. If enough of the people type the correct answer choose the one who answered it correct first. Resume the room, and reveal the message of the person who answered it correct first. And announce the winner.

This won’t be as fun as you would like it to be, the first time. But once people get the hang of it, the fun begins. You can do this as often as you want, until people had enough of it.


The pausing the room is one of the perks admin have. As well as revealing the message selectively during the period of pause after it’s live again. You can creatively use this feature to entertain and educate your room in a fun way.

This is a feature that existed in userplane for over a year now. Ask, pause and reveal can be a good fun quiz time for the room.

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