Control Firefox with this Mouse Gestures extension


Mouse gesture is a way of making mouse movements to draw lines or curves from different directions on the screen to operate certain commands on browsers, desktops etc… You can customize it with the gesture of your choice. Mouse gestures extensions for the browsers started surfacing on the internet since 2008 with Opera already comes with it. Since then there are programs specific for certain apps like Gmail and more.

Firegestures is a mouse gestures extension for Firefox. It requires restart of Firefox to complete the installation. As soon as you install, there is no obvious way to access the settings of Firegestures, other than going to the Addons page. There is no icon added to the addon bar as well. That’s where the image above comes into the picture. Draw a “G” like on the image to fire up the settings window, with your right mouse button. Draw while holding the right mouse button and release it to process the command. You can set what mouse buttons you prefer to perform gesture actions. If you prefer left or middle button, you can set it.

From the settings/options window, you get access to a whole lot of gestures that you can do to make certain Firefox commands.


For a first time users the gesture codes are not easily graspable. So, let me quickly explain the basics. Make a line towards left, a flat line, to go back to the previous page. The code is ‘L’ meaning left. ‘R’ is right, a flat horizontal line towards right will go to a page forward.

‘D’ means down and ‘U’ is up. So if you see DU as the code, just make a movement from down to up. Similarly, DLR means Down, Left and Right. That’s it. Every code is a combination of UDLR, up, down, left and right.

Every gestures extension/program will have a different code, but they also let you customize the gestures for each actions. Say if you used Opera or some other mouse gestures program, and want to do the same gesture for known action, you can set it.

LDRUL brings up the options for Firegestures. You can draw a “G” or “O” to achieve this. It’s always fun to see how the code matches for different characters we draw.

There is an extension for chrome Smooth Gestures, with quite a lot of users using it.

Visit Firegestures page here.

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