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Earlier I talked about how to convert presentation PDF files back to their powerpoint PPTX format. But that tool had a limitation of only accepting PDF of file size upto 5Mb. Now wave goodbye to these limitations and welcome a smartphone app, that converts PDF to PPTX, DOC and XLS right on your mobile phone, without needing to upload PDF files and bothering about compressing it to comply with the file size limitation. The app is Able2Extract Mobile.

As said above, I repeat again, this app not only lets you convert PDF to PPTX, but also to XLS and DOC. This could be a pretty useful utility. All you need is a smartphone, Android or iOS. On the page linked above, you can get the app for Android or IOS.

How big a PDF should be?

The app’s file size limitation is upto 64 Mb, which is more than enough. Marija Petrovska of the Able2Extract (a product of InvestInTech) team says, this limitation is the app’s technical limitation and not a preset one. This is reasonable as it would take a lot of processing power and memory on your phone to handle files more than 64Mb.

Taking a look at the Task manager during the conversion, it doesn’t consume a lot of system resource,


So you shouldn’t worry at all how big is your PDF, as long as it isn’t an 100Mb OCR scanned one.

Moving on,

Let’s see how to convert PDF to PPTX with this app on Android. The same procedure should apply for iOS, but you need to find out what folder this app’s data are stored in. Ok, lets go through the Android part,

  1. Get the app for Android here. Install it.
  2. Then you need to connect your phone to your computer. Then click on Connect storage to PC. A new drive will show up in the My Computer folder. The new drive is F:\ in my case.
  3. From your PC, Browser to the folder F:\Android\data\\files\userfiles. This is the folder the app looks at to see if any known files are available and lists it on its app screen. Uploading your PDF to this folder will let you directly have your PDF in the app screen ready to convert it to XLS or PPTX, I didn’t see DOC option available.
  4. Once you copy the PDF to this folder, 101.pdf in my case, (image above). You can check out the PDF here, its a Google IO 2012 presentation by Reto Meier. I already used the converter, so you see the 101.PPTX as well.
    You can disconnect storage from PC now. Else the app wont show the files from SDCard.
  5. Next is the conversion of the uploaded PDF to PPTX from the app screen.

Conversion process

Open the app, it should show the PDF file, as shown below.


Click on the left arrow to get to the conversion options screen,


Tap on the green icon to convert it to XLS format or orange icon to convert it to PPTX format. I am tapping the orange to convert it to the powerpoint format.

After tapping on it, it then takes you to the conversion processing screen, that looks like below,


it may take a few minutes, 4 minutes in my case for my PDF sized 17Mb. Once its converted, the arrow goes away, it returns to the main screen showing the converted file on the top,


Now connect your phone to your PC and look for the converted PPTX file in the folder, F:\Android\data\\files\userfiles


The powerpoint file is neatly converted and is editable, you can take a look at it here. There you have it, the Google IO 2012 presentation “Making Good Apps Great” by Reto Meier in PPTX.

This is the easiest way you can convert PDFs to PPTX. You can follow the same procedure for excel conversion, on the conversion screen, tap on the green excel icon to convert it to XLS. I didn’t test that out, but you know now how to do it, if it’s XLS, you can still open in the latest Office and than save it as XLSX. It could convert that to XLSX as well. I don’t know. Either way is fine.


This is the simplest PDF to office document converter. It is a bit time consuming compared to uploading it to an online converter and getting the job done quick. But it is worth it, if your PDF file is really large. This app is available for tablets as well, on the able2extract mobile page you can see the tablets screen shots. You can convert PDFs on IOS as well, the procedure is simple as illustrated in this article, but you just need to know where IOS app datas are saved.

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