Convert document formats for IOS

There are a lot of apps available that converts between various document formats on the web and for Android. One such web app I have talked about earlier is Cometdocs. You can visit Cometdocs website and get the app for Windows (desktop) and Android or try their web app. Cometdocs recently introduced an IOS app which is the first of its kind for IOS. It should work with the latest IOS 7 update.

Cometdocs Mobile App

(Cometdocs for IOS)

The user interface is fairly easy to use and conversion looks a simple process. This app makes the conversion available on the go. The document formats supported are, PDF, Excel, Text, HTML, Word, Powerpoint, AutoCAD etc… If you have an IOS device and say you want to convert Word to PDF while you are commuting to work, now you can do it.

Not just conversion, but also file transfer and storage. You can move your file from iPad to iPhone and vice versa.  See the Transfer in the screenshot above? It’s from there you initiate transfer between your devices and other peoples device. The transfer screen should look self explanatory.

The conversion is a 2 step process, you select the file to convert and choose what format to convert. It takes few seconds to process and the output file opens afterwards.

Get the Cometdocs for IOS here

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