Easily convert PDF with tables to Excel

If you ever wanted to convert tables in your PDF document to Excel format, it’s simpler now. PDF to Excel converter lets you do this. It converts all the table’s row and columns into excel fields, that you can add formulas and work with that data. The fields maybe a little way off,  a 2 columns off for example, but with a little editing you can have your workable Excel sheet in your hand for further data manipulation.

Say if you are maintaining a monthly credit card statement on Excel, and the statement report every month comes in a PDF file, you can convert that into Excel and append that to your main Excel sheet.

There is a draw back though, if a PDF is protected with a password, to convert that to Excel right away is impossible. So the only way is to remove the password with a PDF editor before proceeding to convert.

The FREE tool above mentioned, PDFConverter.com has a whole array of other conversion options to choose from, be it converting office documents to PDF or reverse is made available.

There’s also a desktop version of the tool without any limitation, their flagship product for all your PDF needs and it only costs a fraction of Adobe XI professional reader.

Give the PDF to Excel tool a try, and with little editing you have a working Excel sheet for further data operations. I got a sample PDF with tables that I converted and the result is quite satisfying. I am linking the sample PDF and the resulting output Excel sheets here, Sample PDF and Output Excel sheet.

It outputs the Excel in XLSX format, which is good for office 2010 and further.

The conversion process is simple. You go to PDF to Excel page, browse and choose the file to be converted, enter your email and hit start. It takes a while depending on the size of your PDF. Once it’s done, you will be emailed with the output file link, from where you get the converted output. Looks like these output file link are temporary, so download a copy as soon as it’s converted. You cannot convert excel to PDF from that link. Every link is fixed for one way conversion purpose. So if you want to get it converted the other way, look for it here. It’s a sitemap with lots of link to various resources. But I can’t find converting Excel to PDF.

The FREE tools alone is good enough for casual conversions or to try their tool before considering getting the pro for a full fledged daily conversion works. Overall I am satisfied with the tool’s work and want to give you a head start.

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